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AutoCAD 2021 24.0 [Mac/Win] [Updated]

The acquisition of Autodesk by software company Adobe Systems in 2016 added CAD and drawing capabilities to Adobe’s portfolio of design tools.

AutoCAD has built-in support for “callouts” (shortcuts to drawing-related commands) and “layers” (specification, referencing, and production-tracking control that can be applied to a drawing), and it is compatible with a wide range of industry-standard file formats. AutoCAD’s interface design philosophy is to provide users with comprehensive, efficient, and easy-to-use access to its advanced features, and to give them full control over how they design.

The user interface in AutoCAD consists of three principal areas: the drawing area, toolbars, and the application window. The drawing area is the canvas where a drawing is created. The toolbars are a series of buttons and command menus that appear at the top and sides of the screen. The application window, which is a standard Windows screen, is in the background.

Fig. 1 – Drawing Area

The drawing area is divided into two regions: the drawing display area and the status bar. The display area is where users enter, edit, and view data. The status bar shows the status of the drawing, the elapsed time, and system information.

In AutoCAD, the drawing area is divided into four regions:

1. Selection Display Area

The selection display area is a rectangular area which includes toolbars, controls, and options. In the display area, the selection tool is used to select the object on the drawing, and the edit tool is used to enter or edit the data associated with the selected object.

Fig. 2 – Selection Display Area

The selection display area has four major elements:

1. Selection Toolbar

The Selection Toolbar is located at the top of the display area. The toolbar contains the icons that correspond to the selection tool, and it is used to select objects on the drawing.

2. Selection Options

The Selection Options are used to control the selection of objects. Selection Options are found in the left-hand portion of the toolbar. There are five selection options available in AutoCAD: Select by Color, Select by Edges, Select by Profile, Select by Specify, and Select by Type. In the Select by Color option, AutoCAD identifies an object by color. In the Select by Edges option, AutoCAD identifies an object by

AutoCAD 2021 24.0

AutoCAD Cracked Version Architecture (2014) is an architectural design application based on AutoCAD Architecture by Architect, Inc. The application is available for OS X and Windows. Architecture also includes a basic electrical design package as well as a price calculation tool.


The AutoCAD 2010 platform introduced the concept of a “Mockup” within the application. A mockup is an iconified AutoCAD object which, when clicked, lets users view the live drawing, allowing them to modify the drawing as required.

The AutoCAD 2010 platform introduced a “Mockup” concept for iconsized AutoCAD objects (called “Mockups”) which, when clicked, allows the user to view the live drawing and edit it.

A “Mockup” is an iconified drawing. AutoCAD “Mockups” are iconsized objects which, when clicked, allows the user to view the live drawing and edit it. “Mockups” are objects that are part of the AutoCAD application, but not of the AutoCAD drawing itself. They are drawn as icons in the main drawing window, but the full-screen details of the drawing are displayed in the main drawing window. When a “Mockup” is clicked, the display changes to show the drawing it represents, but any annotations or typesetting of the drawing remains the same as it would if the drawing were displayed in the main drawing window. This allows the user to easily view, annotate and modify the drawing, without switching to a separate graphics program. They are drawn in the main drawing window, but display the entire drawing as if it were a separate graphics program. When they are clicked, they display the drawing they represent. This allows the user to easily view, annotate and modify the drawing without switching to a separate graphics program, but keeping the same annotations or typesetting as they would if the drawing was displayed in the main drawing window.

A Mockup is an AutoCAD object, but not a drawing. The concept of a “Mockup” was introduced in AutoCAD 2010.

A “Mockup” is an iconified object that, when clicked, displays the drawing it represents, allowing the user to view, modify and annotate the drawing.

“Mockups” are objects that are part of the AutoCAD application, but not of the AutoCAD drawing itself. They are drawn as icons in the main drawing window,

AutoCAD 2021 24.0 Download

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist makes it simple to incorporate common requirements for layouts and drawings into AutoCAD. Supports a variety of free and commercial plug-ins, and works with all CAD systems. (video: 2:04 min.)

AutoCAD 2023 will support a variety of industry-standard file formats. Now you can open CAD files directly from formats like DXF, DWG, PDF, SVG, and VXD.

Faster file format conversions:

Now AutoCAD can convert CAD files between more formats than ever.

Supports more file formats than AutoCAD 2018:

The ability to import more file formats than ever before.

Data Protection:

Provides greater data protection by restricting edits for users that don’t have permission to edit certain types of data, including DWG and RTF files.

Overview of other key new features and enhancements:


Drawing tools

See and share workflows.

Designer tools for faster, more efficient workflows.

See and share workflows with ease. New and enhanced applications for documentation, data transfer, and measurement tools.

Equivalence and automagic rendering:

See all CAD layers at once, show only the CAD layers used in a drawing, or see the effect of a CAD command in the context of your drawing without having to draw a test element.

Interactive dimension and attribute editing:

Rapidly edit dimension attributes and properties in a context that supports dimension edits.

CAD Display Context:

Features a new cursor (the dot) that displays the entity at the cursor location. Now you can mark an element with a point, click, or use the command to dynamically mark an element or point.

CAD Display Context includes a new two-finger scroll gesture. Use it to interact with the selected element.

Point guides:

Point guides help you quickly create a custom view of a model or document and zoom into it.

3D model-based drawing:

Create design intent quickly and easily with a 3D model.

Snap and dimension drawing tools:

With Snap and dimension tools you can align two objects with a single move or click. (video: 1:00 min.)

Slicing and drilling tools

Drag and drop to make cuts, build curves, or create trim, m

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

4GB of RAM
16GB of free space for installation
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or equivalent
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Internet: Broadband
Controls: Keyboard and mouse
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Video Output: 1080p resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 576p (5:4) or 720p (4:3) display, and a 60

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