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OpenGL ES 2.0 vs. OpenGL 3.0 GLSL

I have a basic question regarding GLSL and OpenGL ES 2.0.
I want to learn more about the GLSL language (It’s probably not that easy to start).
I have some experience with OpenGL 3.3 (just a little with shader programming) and I was wondering if it is possible to work on my current projects on OpenGL ES 2.0 and learn shader programming?


It is. You can simply use the Shader code (which is written in GLSL) that you used on OpenGL 3.3 and just replace the Shaders parts with the ES2-Shaders, which are built in a different way. As long as you start with ES2.0+ shader code you should have no problems.
If you have a GLSL based Shader you may as well port the whole thing to ES2.0+ Shaders.


Sure. You can translate your existing GLSL into ES 2.0.
Here’s a tutorial.

Comparison of the effectiveness of silicone flexible and rigid endoscope based on CT and MRI.
To assess the imaging quality of flexible and rigid endoscopes and to quantify the reduction in image distortion in the flexible endoscope compared to the rigid endoscope using a phantom CT and MRI study. CT and MRI phantoms were designed with three needle shaped structures (a cylindrical, a conical and a wedge shaped needle) of different diameters. MTF, standard deviation (SD), and spatial contrast-to-noise ratio were calculated from reconstructed images. Measurements were performed for each needle shape using both rigid and flexible endoscopes. Mean MTF was between 0.7 to 0.9 for all phantoms. For the cone and wedge shaped needles, the mean MTF values with the flexible endoscope were 0.9 and 0.8 times higher than the rigid endoscope. The mean SD and the values of the spatial contrast-to-noise ratio were lower for the flexible endoscope, but were only significantly different for the 3.5 mm wedge shaped needle. The flexible endoscope leads to a significant reduction in image distortion

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Reshaping data.frame with value combinations

I have a data.frame with 3 columns and 530 rows. The columns are location, program, and type. The rows are combinations of the three. I would like to reshape the data.frame so that it includes the number of unique rows by each combination of the columns.
This answer uses the reshape package to accomplish this and seems like it does exactly what I want. However, I’m unable to follow the directions in the answer to implement it in my data.
Each combination of location, program, and type that appears in my data.frame appears once, but because there are many locations/programs, the answers in the referenced post don’t tell me how to get the total unique combinations (by location, program, and type).
Location Program Type
A B1 C
A B2 C
B1 A1 C
B1 A2 C
B1 B1 C
B1 B2 C
B1 C1 C
B1 C2 C
B2 A1 C
B2 A2 C
B2 B1 C
B2 B2 C
B2 C1 C
B2 C2 C
C1 A1 C
C1 A2 C
C1 B1 C
C1 C1 C
C1 C2 C
C2 A1 C
C2 A2 C
C2 B1 C
C2 B2 C
C2 C1 C
C2 C2 C

becomes this
Location Program Type
B1 C1 C B2 C1 C B1 C2 C B2 C2 C C1 C1 C C2 C1 C C1 C2 C C2 C2 C A1 C1 C A1 C2 C A2 C1 C A2 C2 C B1 A1 C B1 A2 C B2 A1 C B2 A2 C C1 A1 C C1 A2 C C2 A1 C C2 A2 C C1 B1 C C1 B2 C C2 B1 C C2 B2 C C1 C1 C C1 C2 C

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Get value from data returned in request.POST?

I am trying to get a value in this form:

” />
” />
” />

what is the best way to get the value of “id” so that i can pass it to another page with the post (should i use hidden input in form of “data” or “value”?). I want to get the id in a php file. So it should look like this:


the way you are doing is correct, if you post the form then in that same page just do:
echo $_POST[‘id’];

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the Software without restriction, including

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