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About Addicting Games
Addicting Games is proud to present, The Settlers 7: Uncharted Land Map Pack. This pack, which is exclusively available on Steam until the release date, is compatible with all previously released versions of The Settlers 7: Total War. The content of the pack consists of the following:

1) The Settlers 7: Uncharted Land Map Pack

2) Early access to new content through access to the upcoming Early Access update

4) Complete Unlocked Edition of Settlers 7: Total War + 4 additional DLCs

5) FREE Access to all future content additions to The Settlers 7: Total War

The new forest level contains everything you can expect in a forest level, but also the following:
• A small lake, and a small pond near the start of the level.
• A small hill near the south end of the level.
• Three palm trees and two cacti in the south-east corner of the level.
• A forest spider web that covers half the level.
• A small stone hut in the northwest corner of the level, and a reinforced wooden hut in the northern half of the level.
• A small to medium cave/cavern in the eastern half of the level.

The goal of the level is to reach the end, through a combination of elements such as:
• A large boulder at the end, only accessible through a hole in the middle of the level.
• An abandoned cart, with a skeleton nearby.
• A large tree overhanging a large patch of mud at the end of the level.
• A small waterfall in the north-west corner of the level.
• A large rock ledge in the middle of the level.
• Large stones at the side of the level.
• A large old tree in the middle of the level.
• One dry part, in the south-east corner of the level.

This is the third level that can be played in the scenario ‘The Secret of the Trees’.

The level requires a small amount of randomization, but when placed and combined correctly the strategy and tactics required to reach the end of the level can be very rewarding.

The Map Designer has been working on the best placement for the small waterfall, and the best placement of the large tree, but he


Features Key:

  • Solve puzzles, avoid traps and help Santa reach his house – all in one single screen.
  • Over 64 colorful levels, keep Santa moving up with deducts and bonuses to accomplish his mission!
  • New: tinted tiles are useful for traveling through areas; even if they are empty.
  • Santa Simulator game screen
    Santa Simulator game screen

    Santa Simulator
    Developed by:

    Santa Simulator game team
    Access the Acc


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