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From the creators of Subnautica & Nomad’s Odyssey comes Mercury Abbey: an action/adventure game set on a new mysterious alien planet. Explore an ocean world full of mysterious life and uncharted territories as you seek out the secrets of the mysterious alien civilisation who call this world home. Dispatch your crew and take on new missions, in order to uncover the mysteries of the lost colony of Mercury, and embark upon exciting expeditions. At the helm is your Space Traveller, a sentient AI starship who guides you throughout the adventure. Decide where to go, what to do, and with whom to ally. Your decisions affect the outcome of the story. As the crew finds themselves further and further separated, you must set sail to reunite with them and complete their journey.
Key Features:
Explore and discover secrets of a new and mysterious alien planet
Hunt, explore and battle for the control of the powerful lifeforms and resources
Gather resources to build spaceships, weapons and tools to perform missions
Take part in ranged and melee combat
Ship upgrades
Missions and misadventures
Over 10 story-driven missions
An active player-driven story
It’s time for a new journey. As your Space Traveller, take your friends and travel to a new world.
A versatile traveler of space, your ship has a wide range of tools and consumables at its disposal to help it on its mission.
It is the only way for you to survive and complete your objectives, searching for long lost friends and completing difficult objectives.
Key Features
Mankind’s first colony on Mercury
An ocean world in uncharted space
Colonise a world full of mysterious lifeforms
A tale full of secrets and mysteries
Built in procedural landscape generation and hand-crafted assets
Explore, hunt, craft, fight, explore, hunt, craft
Learn, build, and upgrade
Tunable gameplay system including survival, PVE, and PVP modes
One of the most impactful, relevant and interesting games for the last 2 years
Follow the journey of the Space Traveller, the ship’s AI lead, all the way to reunite with his shipmates. Play as a role and sidekick for your AI crew.

Mercury Abbey: The Space Traveller
A mysterious lifeform has arrived in our solar system, and it’s infecting planets and destroying whole colonies at an alarming rate. In order to save our world, and ours,


Features Key:

  • 10+ Hours of gameplay
  • 5 Hours of bonus DLC
  • 1 Free Copy of Vesperia Definitive Pack Title
  • 1 Embossed Metal Boss Breaker Tamagotchi Mini Character
  • 2 Game Coupons For Tales of Berseria
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    Magellania Patch With Serial Key (April-2022)

    We’re living in a world today where action games are becoming more and more scarce. Henceforth we are happy to announce Tales of Xillia 2, a sequel to Tales of Xillia released in 2011, comes packed with many new features.


    The game starts with Koyuki waking up in bed next to Jude. She almost immediately wonders how she got there. A vivid dream begins and continues. The dream begins with Koyuki being pursued by an unknown assailant. Enraged, the assailant rips off Koyuki’s clothes and her pink underwear exposing her in all her glory. Then, the assailant turns into a monster and attacks Koyuki’s psyche. Koyuki tries to defend herself, but a mental power makes her lose conscious.

    When Koyuki comes to in the unknown, the girl comes across a gun and has a revelation. “By shooting the gun I may attain the power of ‘Xillia’… Just like I had with Jude… If I have the power of Xillia, the enemy won’t be able to touch me anymore…”

    Koyuki begins to work her way to the boss of a local gang. She has a battle with the boss who is revealed to be Jude. Koyuki defeats Jude and shows off her strength by making a strong blast that damages a building. She is very happy to have gained this power. At that time, a whole horde of enemies appears. The horde is composed of monsters. However, there are more enemies than Koyuki can defeat. The group rushes to escape with Koyuki, Jude, and Lisbeth. A crack on the ground manifests. In the center of the crack is the Magic Mole.

    The Magic Mole transports the group to the isle of Xillia. An in-game map shows the group’s position to be close to the north of the isle. Koyuki searches for the cult of the god Magnati to learn more about Xillia. Koyuki receives help from a blue-haired man named Yosuke. The temple is located south of the isle.

    On the way, the group receives a mysterious message. Jude receives the message from a number of angels calling them to Xillia. Jude is determined to go there and rescue Koyuki. The group reaches the temple after a couple of battles. Jude appears on the scene carrying a powerful blood moon. The blood moon attacks the group, and Koyuki


    Magellania Crack + Free Download X64 (Final 2022)

    At Bomber Blok we love to bring you quality content. We also love some of the free stuff that other people put out. Well, today we present you with our first free game we’ve ever done. Bomber Blok is a fast-paced and easy to play game with awesome pixel graphics. You and your friends can play a game of either Bomber or Flying. You go up to your target and shoot. It works very similar to the Pong game. Bomber Blok is made in Unity 3d and was programmed by us, with full details available at the time of this release. Let us know what you think. Now enjoy it for free.GitHub Link

    If you’re into premium RPG mobile games, the new RPGs ‘Grim Dawn’ may be the title for you. Developed by Ukrainian indie studio Facepalm Games, Grim Dawn is a fast-paced, hard-hitting, top-down action RPG with a large focus on turn-based strategy and crafting.
    After the fall of the Ancients, the world was split into two: the Vile and the Calm. Today, the former lies in ruins while the latter has settled and prospered. However, the gods of the past still roam the land and they are gathering to achieve a power none before them has achieved. During this time, a hero must emerge and guide humanity on a new path. Will they succeed?
    In Grim Dawn, players take on the role of a fearless warrior in an epic story of destruction and redemption, in a vast, post-apocalyptic world. Armed with a massive arsenal of powerful weapons and armor, the player must engage in brutal battles as they hack and slash through hordes of terrifying monsters.
    Explore vast and varied environments, interact with non-player characters, build the perfect weaponry and armor, and craft countless items to help you in battle. Featuring gorgeous visuals and a story where every choice has a consequence, Grim Dawn is an RPG for the ages.
    This game is made with Unity v5.
    GitHub Link:
    Content Rating: Everyone
    This app is only meant for those who are 18+ years of age.

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