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Tales from Candlekeep is an old game about the adventures of a group of adventurers adventuring through the realm of Candlekeep. In our previous entry, we had our heroes band together to find an artifact in old Malbolge, the ancient cold and wet land of monsters and evil. In this DLC we set out to find and stop the forces behind the latest plague sweeping through the ancient haunted capital of Candlekeep.
In the wake of an even more recent plague that decimated the population of the capital city of Candlekeep, a rash of ancient undead has begun to walk the city streets, terrorizing the population. The government has called on the Heroes to stop the death curse and earn glory.
As you explore the corrupted city streets, you will meet the head of the undead conspiracy and learn the origin of the curse on the hapless cityfolk.
The characters featured in this adventure are ready to explore, fight for glory and stop the Plague of Old. Every character plays differently, and you can learn new skills and powers as you adventure across the city. The game also includes multiple difficulty settings, an overworld map, optional secondary quests, multiple endings, custom dice, optional miniatures, custom enemy types, and the possibility to explore the world of candlekeep as the grimm.
To provide further immersion, we have added a new step to the character creation process called Artifact Questing. Once you finish your Artifact Quest, you will earn points that can then be used to purchase new artifacts. Keep in mind that the artifacts you create can also be used in campaign mode.
To expand the variety of rules you can use with the game, we have added two new scenarios, the Mythsaw Campaign and the Maiden’s Crusade. Both of these scenarios can be played with the standard campaign rules, and the rules for Mythsaw Campaign include additional campaign rules not included in the standard rules.
In addition to owning the game, you will now also be able to own the DLCs as they are released. To learn more about the Season Pass, and to purchase the DLCs individually, please visit us at
About the Game Tales from Candlekeep – Qawasha the Human Druid:
Tales from Candlekeep is an


Features Key:

  • Phoenix Wright – the biggest puzzle solving series fans have ever seen – part III
  • 64 player game mode
  • Modern graphical presentation
  • VIP items

Mh3 - Defective Gate

Phobies Game Instructions

Game installation:

Unzip the files and you will get a folder Phobies. It contains four directories:

  • Mh3 2
  • Phobies Sound
  • Phobies Graphics
  • Phobies Game Data

In the Phobies directory there are key files for game mode and graphics on the necessary data, and the game itself.

Main features:

  • 64 player game mode
  • Modern graphical presentation


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Developed by Dragon Nest Game Development Studio.
Select the voice you like from over 70 talents, add your own special voice, and share your unique song!
Beachside Stage is the ultimate skill game that features a wide variety of locations, and includes an open-world environment with multiple story elements and a rich storyline!
See the “How to play” video for a detailed explanation of the game features. For more details, check out this Game Guide.
Game Features:
– Up to eight player battles using voice!
– Supports both the PlayStation®4 system and PC
– Multiple stages can be played using multiple voice actors
– Voice acting – – Each location has its own unique song!
– World map – – Several locations are available to play, including bright, sunny days and beautiful evenings with a beautiful sunset.
– Variation Battle – – The player’s AI partner will play its role as well, so the opponents will change as the game goes on.
– Special Stage – – Each location’s stage can be played, as well as a special stage that enables players to enjoy the massive variety of stages.
– Collectable Treasure – – Collect all the items hidden throughout the game, and find a hidden treasure to receive an exciting reward!
Download the first “GOLDEN” limited-edition package of this add-on for FREE!
If you already own the “GOLDEN” package, no need to download again. You can play Beachside Stage.
See the “How to play” video for a detailed explanation of the game features. For more details, check out this Game Guide.
Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i5 2.1 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible GPU with 1.5 GB VRAM
Hard Disk: 100 GB free space
Other: SSR2 4.0 or later, Internet connection
Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i7 2.5 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible GPU with 2 GB VRAM
Hard Disk: 100 GB free space
Other: SSR2 4.0 or later, Internet connectionUnderstand the Science behind Ice and Snow

Snow, ice, frost, and cold are all forms of water and have specific



Game “Nude Beach” Gameplay:

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Golden Hair – Panjabi MC
Song: Silent Storm – Dirty South Records
Song “Don’t Let Me Down” If You Liked This Video!:










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