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The first feature in this pack for RPG Maker VX Ace is the Sound Effect Creator. The Sound Effect Creator allows users to create any type of sound you desire. This sound can then be played in any scene with the use of a simple script. Sounds can either be imported into projects already loaded with sounds or they can be created from scratch using the Sound Effect Creator. New sounds can be created using the Morph and Harmony slots. Once you have created your new sound, it can be applied to the Morph or Harmony slots in the created scene via the script editor. This script editor is also where you can set the morph and harmony coefficients for the sound.
Another feature included with the Sound Effect Creator is the morphing feature. You can create sounds that morph or change over time. With the morphing feature, you can vary the pitch, volume or type of sound (it can morph between two or more sounds). Users are also able to set the length of time these sounds are played for.
With the Mystic Voices Sound Pack, users can mix and match sound effects to create their own unique spells. Spells are created by using sounds included in the pack in combination with sounds generated via the Sound Effect Creator.
RPG Maker VX Ace, is an RPG Maker VX Ace version of the popular game creation software program, RPG Maker. The first release of RPG Maker VX Ace was released in early 2017 with many of the last features in VX Ace 2.
About RPG Maker:
RPG Maker is a popular game creation program from Square Enix and its up and coming offshoot developer, Cygames. RPG Maker is used by millions of people around the world, with many familiar series that have been brought to life with the program’s help. With over 30 years of history as an RPG maker, it’s had a long and impressive list of supported series. RPG Maker allows players to create and play massively multi-player games known as RPG Maker VX (VX Ace for VX Ace) and RPG Maker MV (MV for VX Ace 2).
The Consortium Development Center is a creative and passionate team of university students, industry veterans, and real world game artists. In late 2015, they worked together to release the first version of their sound library, Consortium. In early 2017, they published the second version of Consortium with new sounds as well as some corrections to the first release. The Consortium Development Center is an independent development team and has no affiliation with the RPG company, Square Enix,


Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Desperate Crusade Features Key:

  • Short stories that you must complete at your own pace.
  • You are faced with 5 questions, will you be able to find the answers?
  • Ask a question, answer a question, play with the interface or browse the short stories.
  • Collect points, hints, coins, other mysterious items.
  • The stronger your memory the more points or hints you will get – you can even skip stories with the tap of a finger.
  • Find the pictures that fit each question, for example:

    • Just type car in the car-contest.
    • Carefully check out the puzzle picture, can you find the right picture?

    Apart from short stories, you can also play the memory pal system:

    • Can you discover the secret behind the 20 photos that are also a part of the memory pal system?
    • Find out something new? Use the hints.

    Asking for coins only costs 1 point, the stronger your memory the more you gain. Don't waste your coins on small things like access to hidden pictures, read the tags on the left for hints.


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      Empyre is a hardcover hybrid RPG featuring a large, illustrated storybook as well as over 240 pages of combat, loot, and magic in a PDF format. Fans of turn-based RPGs will immediately recognize the game’s traditional board formation and battles, but with over 24 hours of gameplay in Empyre, the storybook is essential to continue the story.
      Empyre is for the hardcore RPG enthusiast who wants a well-rounded adventure with a deep story, interesting plot twists, and memorable characters. No prior knowledge of turn-based RPGs or board games is necessary to enjoy this high fantasy adventure!
      – A beautifully illustrated storybook
      – A vast world to explore with some of the most memorable characters in the genre
      – Over 120 original, illustrated pages of enemies and interactions
      – Disconnected RPG elements for those who want the classic feel of a board game or RPG
      – 3 unique classes with optional subclassing
      – Over 150 unique items to buy, sell, and craft
      – 13 enemies to defeat with the battle system in a different style than traditional turn-based RPGs
      – Some non-combat scenes, items, and story points only available by playing the game
      – Optional turn-based tactics battles against enemies in strategic turns
      – Optional locked turn board system (when more players are connected)
      – Optional single-player campaign to unlock the story more thoroughly
      – Game will be translated into english, polish, and german
      – Game has separate pages to indicate which language each turn is in
      – Game page may automatically adjust font size to fit on screen
      – ‘Are you sure?’ system to indicate when a player’s action is confirmed
      – Over 30 unique, beautiful, and evocative fantasy images
      – Several frames in which the artwork looks as though it is from a different era in the timeline
      – Game is rendered as a desktop board game

      The Dawnsoft Forever Lost is a traditional Roguelike set in a fantasy realm that consists of various nations and people, from a simple wood elf to more magical beings like dwarves.
      When day becomes night, the black spider reaches it’s tentacles out into the darkness, consuming the souls of the people who live there, turning them into its own innately dark puppets.
      It’s up to the player to free these puppets of the forces of darkness, opening the way to the next morning, they will only become stronger and angrier.
      The world of Forever Lost is peaceful, the soldiers in the various nations never


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      Select the right combination of action and defense! Use your torpedoes and turrets to avoid and counteract enemy attacks. Improve your ship in the Technology Tree as you manage your hull, shields and engines, improve your agility levels and use the right equipment for your ship.Enhance your ship in order to maximize your combat capabilities using the turret and shield upgrades.Play your way:- Campaign- Survival- Rogue-lite- Sim- Builder
      Build, Upgrade and unlock a huge range of powerful equipment for your ships.
      Engage in turn based fights using your ship’s weapons!
      Defeat enemies by breaking their shields. Or attack with a torpedo!

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      Possible legal notices and their respective authors are included in the games. Alto Download Inc. expressly asserts its exclusive ownership of the Alto Download Inc. marks and logo that appear on the website. Use of the Alto Download Inc. trademarks by third parties is provided for convenience and by way of example only. Nothing in this disclaimer section shall be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right under any trademark, patent, copyright, or other intellectual property right owned or controlled by Alto Download Inc.

      It’s the year of the Zebra!
      MudDropZ has unveiled a new hero joining the ranks of the Zebra Council! That’s right! He has a new name and a new look, but not a new character. From now on he’s simply “The Darkling.” As a whole, all the current zebra team members are happy to get more room for their evolving style of gameplay.
      In the past, The Darkling (previously known as the Beige) was only considered for playing on higher difficulty levels. He was even brought on as a character for players unfamiliar with the game. Now he’s back, he’s changed, he’s grown up and he has the parts to run!
      To celebrate his ascension to the Zebra Council, Zibs has also given him his signature weapon: a Roundish Roaming Orb. You can use it to quickly teleport anywhere on your screen, providing you don’t actually get grabbed by an enemy. When you’re ready to fight, use this handy tool to teleport


      What’s new in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Desperate Crusade:

        & FAQ

        Below is a list of the items you’ll need to survive your very first battle in the Italian theaters.

        We’ve tried to capture most of the items that are standard for all types of vehicles.

        The reward for completing the Tutorial in a vehicle before the time limit expires is 20% extra XP so it is a good idea to start your first battle after getting this. There’s no XP penalty for experiencing the tutorial first and remaining below the game’s XP limit, the level is always set at the lowest available.

        There are a few additional items that appear as you play, your first mission in Florence will provide you with some new weapons.



        Main Weapon

        High-Calibre SMG:

        Accuracy: Increases accuracy when standing.

        Projectile Spread: Increases the projectile spread of the shot.

        Armor Piercing Shot: Makes the shot penetrate vehicles.

        Accuracy: Increases accuracy when moving.

        Penetration Increase: Increases the penetration of bullets.

        Fragmentation: Creates more fragments.


        Deployable Equipment

        Extra Piece:

        HEAT Cannon: Increases weapon damage and fire rate.

        Machine Gun: Increases attack rate.

        Pistol: Increases accuracy.

        LMG: Increases damage and accuracy.

        Nimrod Launcher:

        Rate: Increases the rate at which its rocket reloads.

        Pulsar Cannon: Increases weapon damage.

        Flamer: Increases fire rate and accuracy.

        Defensive Equipment

        Personal Armour:

        HEAT Cannon: Increases weapon damage.

        Nimrod Launcher:

        Rate: Increases the rate at which its rocket reloads.

        Rate: Increases the reload speed of its rammer.

        Other Equipment

        Smart Pack:

        Increases Fire Defense and Max HP.

        Armoured Glass:

        Increases projectile resilience and damage.

        Acceleration: Increases the speed you and your vehicle can go.



        Increased HXP, speeds up vehicle building and XP gain rates.

        10% Speed Bonus:

        Increases the movement speed of your vehicle.

        100.00 Production Bonus:

        Increases the production of infantry and crew in your vehicle.

        100.00 Tank Destroyer Bonus:

        Increases the building cost of


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        You must choose whether to serve and protect, or hunt and kill.

        The one path leads to power, the other, to extinction.

        The world is yours to shape. Survive, or destroy?

        You are the ruler of a federation, a collection of four island nations that are united by a common enemy. A large nation with the means to destroy the entire federation if it ever fell into their hands. You must choose a path for your nation to walk, and choose your allies wisely.

        Dwarf Fortress is a simulated dwarven city building game. It was released in 2001 as a result of a dream where a dwarf woke up and saw a computer program, and asked “Why didn’t I make that?” The dream was transformed into a reality a year and a half later.

        The goal is to become the richest and most powerful dwarven nation in the world by discovering and harnessing resources like coal, gold, and silver. With the approval of the council, these resources will be used to build structures like castles, mines, and palaces. The government of the dwarven nation is a mixture of democracy and aristocratic rule, and its annual budget is spent mainly on the construction of new housing, fortifications, and universities. Due to a lack of funding, some important projects are abandoned. Dwarf Fortress lets you colonize, settle, trade, mine, and fight! What you can NOT do is build a long lasting empire – the game ends abruptly when all free space is filled up.

        All the information you need to survive and succeed is right at your fingertips. The in-game newspaper, books, and maps make your own education and future self-help books. Over the last year and a half, dozens of users have written new entries to the numerous books, and you can find a few of these in the game now. These and many other resources can be read on wiki.df.net and displayed in the game and you can spend the time you would have spent digging for coal to actually expanding your knowledge.

        There is also a large amount of user content to be found in the game. One kind of content is the two-dimensional artwork, and another is detailed descriptions and simulation information about features like mining, agriculture, house building, history, politics, and more.

        Screenshot, and video tutorials:


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