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* See Chapters and to learn more about installing and using Photoshop on the Mac and Windows platforms.

## Getting Started with Photoshop

I’ll assume that you already have an image file saved on your system. In this section, I show you some of the basic tools you can use in Photoshop. I also show you how to use Photoshop’s selection tools to work on those images.

Press Ctrl+A to select all, and then press Enter/Return to copy it to the Clipboard. This becomes your initial image. (For more info, see the nearby sidebar “Copying an image.”)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Crack + License Key

The free edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements can be downloaded for PCs, Macs, iOS and Android. It does not contain any specific features, except for the ability to rename an image using its context menus.

Another free image editor tool is the open-source GIMP. It comes with many of the same features and has many advantages over Photoshop. It’s also free, and has a very active user community.

This tutorial will show you how to edit an image, apply various effects, fix problems, crop images, and more using the free version of Photoshop. This tutorial is not perfect, and is intended to be an informative guide, not the definitive edition.

The following image was imported into Photoshop.

Before beginning to edit an image in Photoshop, make sure to select the “Edit > Preset Manager” option.

Choose “Basic” as the preset, then click on the “Set Program” icon.

Select “Photoshop CC 2017” under the “Programs” tab. Photoshop CC 2017 is the current version of the CC edition. If you do not see “Photoshop CC 2017”, then change the preset from “Basic” to “Adobe Photoshop CC 2017”.

Select “Photoshop Elements” as the program, then click on the green “set program” icon.

Select Photoshop Elements 20 from the dropdown menu.

If you click on “OK”, then you will see options for various Photoshop Elements settings. The basic settings can be changed in the menu. When you have finished changing them, check the box for “Program Settings”, then click on the small arrow button next to the “Save” button.

Click on the “Save Preset” button. This will save your settings, and it will create a new preset file.

After making the desired changes, you can use this preset for all images. The best preset to use is the one with the most functions and features. If you get tired of a preset, you can easily replace it with another preset.

The preset file can then be downloaded and added to the Preset Panel in the “Preset Manager”.

Select “Download Preset” from the presets menu.

Select the preset file that you downloaded previously.


Adobe Photoshop CS5


A pop-up dialog in Leaflet using geocode

I’m trying to make a leaflet map that includes a popup dialog where people can click the pin that is in a geocode API.
My code:
var geocoder;
var map;

function createPopup(latlng, title, content) {
var div = L.DomUtil.create(‘div’, ‘info’); = ‘absolute’; = 9999; = ‘none’;
div.innerHTML = ” + title + ” + content;

return div;
function init() {
geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder();

map =‘map’).setView([
39.837967, -104.984136
], 7);

”, {
attribution: ‘© OpenStreetMap contributors’

map.attributionControl.setPrefix(‘Map data ©’);
map.attributionControl.setTerm(‘Map data © 2011 Google’);

var marker = L.marker([39.837967, -104.984136], {});


What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CS5?


How to print out an object in JSON format by assigning it to a variable in JavaScript

This question relates to JavaScript and JSON in general but to the specific problems I’m facing now.

I’m currently learning about JSON with JavaScript and I’m very familiar with it in PHP. I found some problems when trying to copy the properties of the object by setting a variable to it.
var myObj = {“name”:”John”,”age”:25};
console.log(; // It gives an undefined value

After searching more details about JSON, I found the answer that
ES6 gives this two methods for converting an object to a JSON string:
JSON.stringify(object) and JSON.stringify(object, replacer, space).
I created a demo using JSON.stringify(object) and JSON.stringify(object, replacer, space) and they showed different results. The first method gave me the correct result.

Do I have to use the second method if I just want to print out a JS object?


You are looking for JSON.stringify()

console.log(JSON.stringify({name: ‘John’, age: 25}));
console.log(JSON.stringify({name: ‘John’, age: 25}, null,’ ‘));

This week on AMISTAD, we go behind the scenes for the first time to talk about AMISTAD’s first year!

We start with our first cupcake making lesson…


We’ve been baking on the show since episode one and, believe it or not, this is our first time behind the scenes.

We had no idea how to make a cake or cupcakes. We struggled to find recipes and the bakery was unprepared for our demands. It was a bumpy start!

But, what’s a team with nothing but 4 ingredients, an oven, and love for baking without cupcakes?

We came up with a plan and gave it our best shot.

We have 32 episodes and we’re so excited to share these first-of-a-kind moments with you.

If you have any baking tips or recipes you’d like to share with the AMISTAD team, please send a DM on our page

System Requirements:

1.5 GHz Processor
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DirectX 11
DirectX Video Acceleration
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later
Intel CPU
Ubuntu 12.04 or later
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