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Backpage Bot Pro is a software which helps you to automate your business online advertising. With a few simple clicks you can post multiple ads quickly and then manage day after day.
If you are a business professional this software works great for those in the industry of Marketing, Real Estate, Auto Dealers, Business to Business, Recruiting and more.







Backpage Bot Pro Crack+ Download

– Post as many ads as you want with click of a button
– Select the topics you want to work on
– Pays you a commission every time you promote a website
– Real Time Support
– Multiple Accounts for One User ID
– Upload your business logo for ads
– Track & Track your Ads
– Allows you to connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and use their API.
– SEO Friendly
– Easily keep an eye on the statistics of your Ad campaigns.
What are the benefits of Backpage Bot Pro Torrent Download?
– Automatically submit your ads to Backpage.
– Responsive support.
– Submit as many ads as you want simultaneously
– Generate a revenue per ad
– Select topics you work on based on your own working style
– Even you can bid on your own ads.
– Through multiple accounts you can add unlimited numbers of accounts.
– Post a link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, etc.
– Automatically check the traffic from Facebook, Twitter, etc
– Track your Ads in real time
– Pays a commission to you for every ad that you earn
– Can easily track your ads and statistics, you can also monitor the statistics
– Can easily respond to a customer of your business
– Google ads for adwords is also supported.
What are the features of Backpage Bot Pro Cracked Accounts?
– Work with multiple accounts in one setting
– Submitting as many ads as you want at once
– Responsive support.
– Ease of use.
– Generate revenue per ad
– Optional bid on your own ads
– See your earnings in the Transaction History
– Submit a link to Instagram, Twitter, Google etc.
– Automatically check traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc
– Automatically check your ads on Google Search
– Ease of tracking your ads, you can even track the statistics of your ads
– Track your ads in real time
– Pay a commission to you for every ad you get.
– Easily respond to customer of your business
– Bid on your own ads
– Work with multiple Google accounts
– Manual, automatic, also bid to your own ads
– Used for Business, Recruiting, Marketing, Real Estate, Gambling, Forex.
– Support multiple languages ( English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian etc)
– Certified and verified.
Payment Plan

Backpage Bot Pro Crack + Free Download [2022]

# 3 Months In The Making!
# Backpage Bot Pro Crack Free Download Compliant
# Uses Only Free or Freemium API’s
# Is 100% GDPR Compliant
# Have A Friendly Support Channel
# Has an Amazing Client Retention Rate
# Extremely Powerful
You can even create retargeting campaigns!
With only 5 clicks you can post on popular facebook groups as you would normally, however what you can do with Backpage Bot Pro Full Crack, is create multiple ads in bulk and receive a notification when your ad is ready to be shared, that’s it.
You can even monitor it daily, weekly and monthly, make your own rules, and select where the ad will be posted.
# Be Creative!
# Interacts with multiple APIs
# Communicates with different forums
# Automate your business!
# Backpage Bot Pro Usage
1. Purchase a new member account (Normal price).
2. Backpage Bot Pro will notify you when an ad is ready to be posted (Free)
3. Post an ad normally (Free)
1. Purchase a new pro account (Premium price)
2. Backpage Bot Pro will notify you when an ad is ready to be posted (Free)
3. Post an ad normally (Free)
4. Notify when an ad is viewed (Free)
5. Interacts with multiple APIs
6. Communicates with different forums (Free)
7. Automate your business (Premium)
10. Starts as a free member
11. Advanced member
12. Legendary member
13. Access to API
14. Unlimited orders
15. Unlimited ads
16. Unlimited ad spot
17. Unlimited ad copy
18. Unbanned for free
Backpage Bot Pro Details
In most cases, the premium version of the Backpage Bot Pro will tell you the ad is ready to go. The reason this happens is because Backpage Bot Pro checks if your ad is ready to share via multiple APIs or the API of a specific group. So if Backpage Bot Pro is notified that the ad is ready to be shared via multiple APIs, it will post the ad on the groups multiple times, and if it is notified by the API of a specific group, it will post the ad on the group and share the ads with the members of that group.
Backpage Bot Pro Requirements
2 GB Disk Space
These must be met in order to use Backpage

Backpage Bot Pro With Key 2022

✓Add thousands of keyword related pages to your account.
✓Scrape videos and images from the website for every page that you add.
✓Add pages related to the keywords you add in a matter of seconds.
✓Schedule your ads to go live through its powerful scheduler.
✓Use the search tool to find which keywords perform best.
✓Use its advanced statistics to find what keywords generate the most conversions and sales.
✓Monitor and update your keywords 24 hours a day with a click of a button.
✓Automatically retarget your visitors by updating your keywords.
✓Update keywords based on traffic and conversion rate.
✓Setup numerous filters to track updates in real-time.
✓Add new keywords easily and filter for the high performance
✓Protect your system against brute force and DDoS attacks.
✓Start working from anywhere in the world within minutes
✓Implement the first ever bot that does not require human intervention.
Get Started for Only $15.00
✓Buy access for 1 months or 3 months
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What’s New In?

1. Automate with Amazing Automation Features.
2. Reclaim all your time.
3. Simple to Use.
Backpage Bot Pro Features:
1. Automate new posts/advertisements without checking your ads manually.
2. Reclaim all your time.
3. Support 24hrs with less human intervention to build daily automation.
4. You need to control or leave the Ads under your control.
5. You need to provide just list of websites.
6. You don’t need to understand the backlinks, its priority or metadata.
7. Work with all Hosts like:
a. ********
b. ********
c. ********.in
8. If you need backlinks or unique traffic, this is the right software you can use.
9. No need of daily manual intervention for the ads’ creation.
10. Upgrade is also included with 365 days right.
11. No Paypal account is required.
12. You can purchase as many bots as you need as per your business need.
13. No Technical Skill Required.
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