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– Was: Become an invisible creature from another world and complete a very peculiar assassination mission
– As: move around a palace filled with traps, solve various puzzles and eavesdrop strange conversations
– Aa: play as a unique, invisible being, who must navigate the trap filled corridors with your senses of hearing and touch
– I: get mesmerized by a peculiar view of humanity
– L: explore an old palace, filled with hidden secrets and trap
Key Features:
* An unusual, complete isometric, minimalist and silent-celled storytelling;
* A rich, persistent and evolving story;
* A unique and atmospheric soundtrack;
* An enchanting hand-painted world;
* An intriguing and fun puzzle game with an intense focus on environment, stealth and investigation;
* The most detailed medieval Islamic Palace miniatures ever seen in a game.

“Qasir al-Wasat” is an action-adventure by Ahmad Maqsood, the game explores the darkest corners of an old, mysterious, abandoned palace as you deal with the blood thirst of an ancient sorcerer who summons you from another world.
Qasir al-Wasat is built around the tension between action and investigation. The palace is riddled with puzzles, a rich story, nasty traps and an ancient treasure that might be simply too magnificent to ignore. Qasir al-Wasat is fun, challenging, bizarre and sinister all at the same time.
In Qasir al-Wasat players assume the role of an invisible creature, summoned from another world to complete an assassination mission. Although deadly, you are a fragile being and must navigate the trap-filled corridors without alerting guards and whatever else might be locked in this fortress between worlds.
Tasks range from stealth and lockpicking puzzles, to solving arcane gates and finding a way to a portal that leads to the next level. Alongside, investigating strange rooms with more than a dozen puzzles.
Players can search for hidden messages, eavesdrop the fortress’ guards conversations and look for secret passages since not everything is as it seems and there are ancient treasures waiting to be discovered.
Qasir al-Wasat is built around the tension between action and investigation. The palace is riddled with puzzles, a rich story, nasty traps and an ancient treasure that might be simply too magnificent to ignore. Explore it while embodying a lonesome creature from the underworld, and discover Its peculiar view of humanity. Qasir’s visuals


Bright Memory: Infinite Cheongsam (Blue Flowers) DLC Features Key:

  • The original, intriguing puzzle game.
  • 12 funny and cute dogs
  • Check out the instructions at the top of the screen
  • Smart puzzles make you a hard time of it
  • Variety of powerful puzzles to solve
  • Collect coins for fun
  • Challenging levels
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    Bright Memory: Infinite Cheongsam (Blue Flowers) DLC Crack Activator Free Download [Latest 2022]

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    Bright Memory: Infinite Cheongsam (Blue Flowers) DLC Activation Key [Updated]

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