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Carbon Scatter [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

Carbon Scatter is compatible with 3ds Max, Cinema4D and Maya.
Create and update instanced population of objects in your 3D scenes in a few clicks. Easily move, rotate and scale millions of objects.
Many advanced settings and options are fully configurable: match your scene with the material, speed of the updates, render quality and so on.
Only requires standard file formats such as:.OBJ,.MDL,.N3D,.MD2,.3DS,.XSI,.M3D,.M3DS,.DAE,.BLEND,.DAX..B3D and.BEAM.
You can choose the number of the subsets used to calculate your models from 1 to 6, by using the new options panel.
You can also choose the way to work with your scene: Mark Only, Mark and Rebase, Mark and Rebase and Rebase only.
Available options:
– Object allocation
– Static and dynamic objects
– Noise and Specularity
– Blend space modes
– Screen space modes
– Scale
– Rotation
– Subset number
– Renderer
– Color management
– Shadow falloff
– Skinning
– Bones
– Collisions and Softbodies
– Active modifiers (controllers)
– Terrains and Water
– Light
– Environment
– Sky
– Render quality
– Decals and textures
– Subset names
How to install Carbon Scatter on your 3DS Max, Cinema4D or Maya:
1. Extract Carbon on a local folder
2. Install Carbon Scatter by opening the installation file. It will install all the dependencies. If something is not found it will ask you to install it.
3. Register carbon scatter – click “Load Carbon Scatter” on the provided virtuald installation folder.
4. Carbon Scatter will open a new window where you can have a selection of your 3d objects.
5. Edit Carbon Scatter and add your objects.
6. Save Carbon Scatter and then in your 3ds Max, Cinema4D or Maya
7. Select your objects in Carbon Scatter and copy them to your scene.
8. To re-render you can either select the Single object, All or None in Carbon Scatter.
9. Render.
10. Cool. Your scene is ready.



Carbon Scatter With License Key PC/Windows

– Render millions of instances with no performance degradation
– No programming required (for details, please refer to the readme)
– Can add any number of application and object defined species and attributes
– Allows for native instancing technology (EcoSystem)
– Works on any CG3D renderer
Carbon Scatter comes with the following components:
* Multi-tile plant
* Multi-tile animal
* Non-isotropic plant
* Non-isotropic animal
* Polygonal plant
* Polygonal animal
* Cliff plant
* Cliff animal
* Dome plant
* Dome animal
* Stem plant
* Stem animal
* Plant with stem
* Plant with ground
* Animal with ground
* Tree with leaves
* Tree with ground
* Tree with trunk
* Tree with branch
* Tree with branch
* Tree with branch
* Tree with branch
* Tree with branch
* Root plant
* Leaf plant
* Stem plant
* Animal
* Object
* Circle
* Ellipse
* Rectangle
* Polygonal circle
* Polygonal ellipse
* Polygonal rectangle
* Triangle
* Quadrilateral
* Patch
* Cube
* Crease
* Polygonal patch
* Polygonal crease
* Polygonal cube
* Polygonal quadrilateral
* Skinning
* Flexible mesh
* Mesh with flow
* Divided mesh
* Real Uv mesh
* Mesh with geometry
* UV mapping
* Noise texture
* Point cloud
* Surface point cloud
* Objects
* Plants
* Animals
* Polygonal plant
* Polygonal animal
* Patch plant
* Patch animal
* Cube
* Patch with holes
* Polygonal patch with holes
* Patch with holes
* Patch with holes
* Patch with holes
* Object with holes
* Object with holes
* Point cloud
* Surface point cloud
* Objects
* Cubes with holes
* Rectangles with holes
* Rectangles with holes
* Cubes with holes
* Cubes with holes
* Cubes with holes
* Quadrilateral patch with holes
* Quadrilateral patch with holes
* Quadrilateral patch with holes
* Patch with holes
* Patch with holes
* Patch with holes
* Polygonal patch with holes
* Cubes with creases
* Rectangles with

Carbon Scatter Crack+ Keygen Free

– Significant increase in stability and efficiency compared to previous versions.
– Adds support for new 3D models that can easily be included in the software via a ‘users-model-library’ feature.
– Adds support for custom e-on plugins.
– Fully compatible with e-on plugins and tools.
– Allows the creation of complex simulation entities including road, buildings, trees and people.
– Simple and intuitive to use.
– 3DS Max 9.0 or higher
– Cinema4D 17.0 or higher
– Maya 2018 or higher
How to Install:
– Extract the archive and run the installation file.
– Download and install the Carbon Scatter plugins via the included installers.
– Restart 3DS Max or Cinema4D or Maya.
– From the plugin menu, select Carbon Scatter.
Carbon Scatter is freeware.

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What’s New in the Carbon Scatter?

– Provides native instancing in 3ds Max, Cinema4D and Maya.
– Rendering on the engine side of the V-Ray engine.
– The plugin works on any platform.
– Scattering up to 10 million particles
– Automatically calculates different rendering options.
– Supports per-vertex lighting.
– Adjustable particle emission curves.
– Unbiased particle distribution.
– Rigid body.
– Collision detection.
– One time import of all models.
– May be used in any kind of applications like rendering, animation, game design, art and visualization.
Carbon Scatter Licensing:
Non-commercial license: 1$ / per user / per year
Professional license: 99$ / per user / per year

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System Requirements For Carbon Scatter:

The minimum specifications are:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 RAM: 8 GB of RAM
8 GB of RAM GPU: DirectX 11 compatible card (GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850)
DirectX 11 compatible card (GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850) CPU: Dual core processor
Dual core processor HDD: 120 GB free space
120 GB free space Installation requirements:
It is recommended that you have a gigabit ethernet connection.

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