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Do you need to send offers, anouncements about updates or changes? Do you need to send a message to multiple email addresses? Don´t you want every recipient to see addresses of other co-recipients? Don´t you want to rely on only insertion recipients list in copy (hidden)?
There needn´t to be only difficult and expensive webservices in marketing, but also relatively cheap however very effective software for collective sending of messages. SendMails is a handy tool that offers you the possibility to send personalized messages.







Collective E-mails Sending Keygen For (LifeTime) For Windows

Using this service, you can send a e-mail to every registered email address (even all your registered addresses!). Address information of the e-mail recipient is stored on every program startup, so you can always send your e-mails!
If you need to send a message to co-recipients, you can add as many addresses as you want. There are no limits to the number of recipients. With Send Mails, the sending of e-mails are not limited to account resets or verification, but also can be used for sending personalized messages for you and your co-recipients. 
Collective mailing capabilities Send Mails is an effective, but also simple method to send e-mails and manage different e-mail addresses. The Send Mails program contains the following features:

Your personal Send Mails account, it allows you to send personalized e-mails.
Compatible with compatible operating systems (WinXP, Vista, Win7)
Compatible with MS Outlook 2003 and up
A simple interface, easily understandable for a non-computer expert
Generates an original e-mail header file with your message (HTML format)
Creates an original e-mail folder with your message
Automatically generates a virus-free and spam-free e-mail
An alternative for the mailing lists: a sub-folder is generated with your message automatically as a mailing list, organized in the same way as a mailing list (subscribing, unsubscribing, mail-settings, deletion of the data)
A sent mail statistics: a sub-folder with a statistics program (number of opened e-mails, deleted e-mails, sent e-mails, etc.)
Send Mails is like software not only for home use and small businesses, but also for medium and large companies.

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sendMails is a tool which allows you to send messages, banners, newsletters, offers and announcements to a group of recipients. With a few clicks, in a matter of seconds, you can send an e-mail to a group of addresses from a single e-mail.
You can also use SendMails as a full e-mail system and enable SendMails as a full webmail system. So it is possible to use SendMails and be able to send/receive e-mails and use the mailboxes in an e-mail client, directly with your mail client.
This is, as a marketing tool, a software on top of SendMails that enables you to send a message (banner, brochure, mailserl, …) to a large group of recipients, with full addresses listing and personal signature block.
SendMails can distribute e-mails as an e-mail system, as a full webmail system and as a full email system. It allows a remote sender to address e-mails to groups of recipients, a remote sender to be able to insert e-mail addresses of other recipients from a file, a remote sender to insert multiple e-mail addresses of multiple recipients from a file, a remote sender to insert an e-mail addresses from a remote source in an e-mail body.
SendMails is powerful and reliable, even if it is a webmail system with a super-fast way to use the addresses you wish to be addressed. It is faster than an online email system.
It is an online service that offers you an easy and reliable way to send e-mails.
SendMails allows you to send messages using fast SMTP connection. It is reliable, fast, very easy to use, easily configurable. It can transmit messages using the maximum number of recipients, even to 2000.
SendMails allows you to send messages to recipients from a compressed address lists with an address range of 100 addresses with unlimited number of recipients and insert the maximum number of addresses of a compressed list.
This tool is simple to use and offers solutions for various

I was just checking send mails and I found this, a possible solution for me.
I’m afraid that I never tried any one of those tools, maybe I will. Any tips?
Thanks in advance.


For you’re email client (web client) it makes no sense to use them.
Mailing lists are what you

Collective E-mails Sending

1. Send e-mail in an automated way
2. To multiple addresses with one automated message (recipients list)
3. Choose e-mails addresses from the file or the clipboard
4. Double click sends the message, types the text and presses the “send” button
5. Send e-mail without attachment
6. Can send e-mail even from the computer offline
7. No written/taped signature for e-mails
8. Send e-mails to the clipboard and the clipboard is saved to the files
9. Supports multiple e-mail addresses from the clipboard
10. Doesn´t fill in the fields and can save addresses and text only (less typing and less errors)
11. When you start the program, you can limit the sending time
12. Easy to use (three easy steps)
13. No attachment
14. Invite your friends using collective sending of emails.
Xdoom3 3…


Software Trial

Relatively cheap and easy to use alternative for MSN Messenger
1. It’s working well
2. Send files
3. Invite your friends using collective sending of emails

StampHunter is a Completely Free Desktop Stamp Organizer designed to help you manage, track, and share all the documents, photos, certificates, and stamps you can imagine. Completely free and does not require any registration.



Simple to use and free this is a good alternative for Windows Live messenger
Send files, chat with your friends, send voice and see their chat history
Add people to a chat with them.Use the IM chat, the instant messaging, all can use your mobile phone.

HighSend is a brand new free and safe way to send attachments that can keep your privacy
HighSend is a brand new free and safe way to send attachments that can keep your privacy
The classic way to send files is not safe enough and easy to be illegal. HighSend is a brand new free and safe way to send attachments that can keep your privacy
HighSend can send files with multiple safe ways



HighSend is a brand new free and safe way to send attachments that can keep your privacy
HighSend is a brand new free and safe way to send attachments that can keep your privacy
The classic

What’s New In Collective E-mails Sending?

Using web or mobile application, the user selects multiple recipient addresses for a single message. The user can also select several recipients (where they work and what they do).
Collective sending software allows senders to send a message to all recipients (all addresses) and to let them send their own messages by additional clicking on the deliver button. Moreover, sending messages to multiple recipients is more popular in many companies or web sites due to company´s policy. 
Exemple: It is easy to send a message to a list of about 10 or 20 companies. They send their own messages and the message sender receives only a summary of all messages from each recipient.
Collective messaging makes it possible to send a message to a group of addresses and simultaneously receive all the messages.
The user must only focus on delivering messages and not worrying about the mail servers and routes.
SendMails can be used for campaigns, updates, e-commerce activities and any other communication that involves sending of messages to a group of recipients.
Using SendMails a user can send messages to a single recipient and at the same time receive messages from multiple recipients.
Easy-to-use SendMails can be used from any web browser, tablet or mobile phone.
How to add a message to the recipients list:
a) SendMails is easy to use and to send e-mails to a large number of recipients. The User can add recipients to his/her message, or select recipients by their name, title or organization at the Mail Settings page.
b) The User can add multiple recipients by clicking the dropdown menu.
c) Click on the recipient address at the right side of the table where the recipient´s address is listed.
How to send messages to multiple recipients:
a) Before sending a message, select it from the list in the mailer (first item in the Table).
b) Select All Sendto multiple addresses link.
c) Select messages and click on the Deliver button to send all selected messages.
More information:

I have used a similar scheme to send mail to

System Requirements For Collective E-mails Sending:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
Pentium Dual-Core 1.6 Ghz or faster
128 MB Video Card
Sufficient Hard Drive space (700 MB to 1.5 GB)
You can click on the pictures below to see the full size image.
Download Links:
Please share the file with your friends. It will help us to support some servers for hosting.
Installation of Windows 10 Insider Preview is very simple

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