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Copy-Paste Pro is an app to use your desktop as a virtual clipboard for transferring files.
The most popular applications use Clipboard instead.
So what’s new in Copy-Paste Pro?
• Copy-Paste Pro does the same with the most popular apps (FTP clients, MicroSoft Office, etc.)
• Copy-Paste Pro works with OSX and Debian Linux
• Copy-Paste Pro can allow you to duplicate and transfer large files.
• Copy-Paste Pro can save the contents of the Clipboard to file.
• Copy-Paste Pro can copy and paste text in a single click.
• Copy-Paste Pro copies and pastes without the need of opening any other application.
• Copy-Paste Pro allows you to copy more than one file.
• Copy-Paste Pro duplicates the files in OS-X and Linux like it does with the Windows OS.
• Copy-Paste Pro is just a small app, but it has all the things you need.
• Copy-Paste Pro does not request any special permissions in order to work.
• Copy-Paste Pro provides best features at a very low price (0$).
What’s New
Copy-Paste Pro doesn’t work with Windows other than Windows XP and Vista.
How to Install?
Copy-Paste Pro is freeware.
Copy-Paste Pro application works on all computers with all versions of Windows and OSX.
Copy-Paste Pro was reviewed by _Milo on Thursday, September 26, 2012Conventional DRAM devices require periodic refresh cycles to preserve data stored in the DRAM device. The data must be rewritten to the DRAM device after some period of time to ensure that the data is preserved. DRAM devices have at least one port for refreshing the memory cell contents. However, a DRAM device typically comprises hundreds of thousands of memory cells and the process of refreshing the memory cells requires a significant amount of time.
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The best parts of (Copy and Paste), and added functions and options that makes you do it faster than ever.

Copy-Paste Pro is a free application that enables you to store more clipboard entries in a convenient manner. Like most clipboard managers, its function will allow you to store and copy entries from the Windows clipboard to your computer and pasting them where required. You will need to update your copy and paste ability to the new levels with this efficient application.


Full-featured Clipboard Manager

Create unlimited custom clipboards

Store or copy text and images

Move entries between clipboards

Remove clipboards

Automatic backups

And many more…

Free version

Requires Windows XP/Vista/7/8

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Copy-Paste Pro Features

Import your own text files from the clipboard

Stores or duplicates your text and images

Backup your saved clipboards

Exports your saved clipboards to various types of text files

Automatic creation of file filters

Full-featured Clipboard Manager

Create unlimited custom clipboards

Store or copy text and images

Move entries between clipboards

Remove clipboards

Application Database

Clipboard Folders

Import and Export clipboards

Synchronize clipboard entries with the Internet

Downloads customization

Control Popups

URL filters


Replace files or create shortcuts


Convert Unicode to ANSI


Clipboard History



Copy/Replace with






Move Clipboard Items


Paste into

Search Clipboard



Delete (Everything)

Synchronize Clipboard Entries with the Internet

This feature allows you to synchronize the entries that you copy and paste with a specific range of URLs. What this does is that it enables you to copy a webpage’s entire text and paste it back to the same URL.

Clipboard Folders

This feature allows you to group your clipboards. As a result, all entries that

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What’s New In?

· Remove the Ctrl + C / Ctrl + X / Shift + C / Shift + X / Copy / Paste Key Windows
· Remove the ‘Copy and paste key’ functionality
· Soft reboot
· Add to favorites function
· Acknowledge shortcut keys
· Design optimized for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
· Help file – Offline and Online
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