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Photoshop Elements

Elements is a package with many of Photoshop’s features that is less expensive than Photoshop. It is easy to get started with Photoshop Elements because it comes with a variety of tools and can import many of the standard file formats.

Elements gives you the ability to edit many of the same types of files as Photoshop; however, you may find that Photoshop Elements isn’t powerful enough to create complex effects that you may need for an image.

* Adobe introduced Photoshop Elements to give users a better entry-level option than Photoshop. Check out the tutorial on Photoshop Elements at ``.
* The Draw Tools, which we discuss in Chapter 11, are the only tools for making vector graphics in Elements. You can’t copy and paste between Elements and Photoshop.

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Use the following document to learn how to create creative content in Photoshop.

Step 1. Prepare the canvas

Open a new image.

Position the cursor at the edge of the canvas, the top edge, or the bottom edge of the image.

Click the Perspective icon ( )

From the Perspective drop-down menu, select Perspective Photo.

Open the Toolbox and click the Type Tool, which is located at the top left of the toolbox.

Enable the Type Tool so you can draw in the image.

Step 2. Choose your color

To change the color of an image, simply double-click the color you want to use to activate it.

To open a new color, click the New Color button.

To choose a default color, click the New Color button and choose a color.

Step 3. Make a selection

The image will be processed by the selection tool and the type tool. Both tools have the same controls and settings.

To select an object, make a click-and-drag selection.

When you select an object, the View menu becomes active. You can then view the object in the separate Tools panel or change the perspective to suit your needs.

The shortcut for the selection tool is CTL (Control+T).

Step 4. Move and rotate your selection

To move or rotate the selection, press the V key (usually the letter V on the keyboard). The selection tool updates the location of the selection.

To rotate the selection, press the R key (usually the letter R on the keyboard). The selection tool updates the rotation of the selection.

Step 5. Make a copy

To copy an area or part of an object, press the C key (usually the letter C on the keyboard).

You can use the Copy and Paste tools to make multiple objects out of a single one.

Step 6. Duplicate

To duplicate an object, press the D key (usually the letter D on the keyboard). To specify the number of copies, press the number pad 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Step 7. Flatten images for easy editing

Often, complex collages or layers of similar objects get a headache when designing. To alleviate this problem, flatten layers to make them easier to edit.

Select all layers and then go to Flatten Layers in the Layers

Shapes Download Free Photoshop


cannot compile my p5.js code on the raspberry pi b+

I tried to run some example from the p5.js library for the raspberry pi. This is what I wrote:
var canvas = createCanvas(800,600);

var bar = createBar(300,400,10);

var bar2 = createBar(300,400,10);

function createBar(w,h,barWidth) {
var myBar = createNode(barWidth, w,h);

myBar.pos(mouseX, mouseY);
return myBar;

function createNode(b,w,h){
var node = createCanvas(b, w,h);

return node;

The problem is, when I run this on the raspberry pi the console gives me:
Warning: Failed to load /usr/local/lib/ (no file or directory)
Warning: Failed to load /usr/local/lib/ (no file or directory)
Warning: Could not load library /usr/local/lib/ (/usr/local/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
Warning: Could not load library /usr/local/lib/ (/usr/local/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
/opt/vc/src/hello_pi/hello_p5js.js: In function `createBar’:
13| var myBar = createNode(barWidth, w,h);
14| ^
15| myBar.pos(mouseX

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Is it possible to define a custom SVG font in CSS?

I’m trying to create a custom SVG font, and I’m assuming I’ll have to write this as a font declaration in my CSS. The only problem is, to get a custom font to display in CSS, it doesn’t need to be an SVG font, I can use a.ttf file.
Is it possible to create an SVG font which works in CSS? Does anyone know of any web resources that cover this? The properties of the SVG font in the example below are likely wrong, but what I’d like to know is: is it even possible?

@font-face {
font-family: ‘test_font’;
src: url(‘/path/to/font.svg’)

body {
font-family: test_font;


CSS font support is limited because IE doesn’t support it fully. See this article for additional details.
The general rule of thumb in CSS is that SVG will be rendered in IE, older versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera using document.execCommand(“Save”) but not document.execCommand(“Print”).
However, if you don’t mind exporting the SVG to a.ttf file, you can do something like this:
body {
font-family: TestFont;

@font-face {
font-family: ‘TestFont’;
src: url(‘/path/to/font.ttf’)

However, there is no way to embed CSS or embed a precompiled.ttf in a block.


Notifications re-appear after Dismiss them iOS

I added Notifications to an iOS application a few days ago.
I was testing it and noticed that the notifications just keep on popping up again and again. (I didn’t even change the code of sending the notifications.)
I tried on my iPhone and iPad.
Is there something wrong?


I got the problem solved.
It seems that the notifications were appearing multiple times by some weird reason.

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