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The primary goal of the Visual Identity Team is to deliver a balanced look for the FIFA franchise. As an aspirational sports game we believe in boldness in design and a combination of playful and functional details. It’s about creating something that’s a piece of art.

The 2011 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is widely regarded as the most successful World Cup in history and a fitting finale to EA Sports’ long partnership with FIFA and its true-to-life games. The power of player agency was a common theme at the World Cup, as players took on roles that were removed from their natural football instincts.

At EA, we put a heavy emphasis on getting it right, rather than getting it perfect, and we have worked hard to develop the emotion and quality of animation from the English Premier League’s finest to the beloved Brazilian national teams.

FIFA 17 is the fastest game in our franchise history, and the improvements made to the cover engine and online connectivity mean it feels seamless to play on any platform. If you haven’t played FIFA 17 yet, what are you waiting for?

FIFA 20 will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on September 29th.

Stjerndal is ready to play his 50th game for the Vancouver Canucks when the NHL season starts, and one thing he won’t be playing is his typical checking role.

The Canucks defenceman’s specialty on and off the ice has always been offence.

“I don’t feel I have to check and stand on the line anymore, I can just play offence and hopefully the team can create some offence,” he said Saturday.

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With a four-year contract extension signed in May, Stjerndal has all the time in the world to develop his game as an offensive defenceman, which he says is ultimately where he wants to be.

“I’ve always played that way, and that’s my dream,” said Stjerndal, who was second among Canucks defencemen in total points last season with 27.

His game is in good shape coming off an excellent development camp that included a dominant three-goal performance in front of goal-scorer Elias Pettersson at BC Place.

Stjerndal, who has played in 16 NHL games with the


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager by creating your own club in FIFA and curate your team from the world’s greatest players
  • Manage the team and rivalries in Career Mode
  • Test your skills with a more immersive Player Career mode, which gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey
  • Be able to relive iconic tournaments and moments from the legendary Pro Clubs through Classic Moments


  • This new move of love added many really good features and has made the developers push for this one, but with some players not noticing the improvements and some of them doesn’t supporting many of the features, the game is still usable and isn’t with any great issue for the most part.
  • Now that we have touchscreen controls, the mobile controls have for the most part gotten much better and can be switched to the new control option, but there are some things where there is a lag in the touchscreen controls.


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FIFA (from ‘Football’ in FIFA backwards) was first released in September 1993. In it, players take control of real-world clubs, playing matches and earning points throughout the season to become champions. This year, we’re taking the sport of football to an entirely new level with fundamental gameplay advances in key areas and a new season of innovation.

FIFA Ultimate Team™: FIFA Ultimate Team is back with a deeper, richer and more powerful economy than ever before. Now you can create and manage your own stables of players, and compete for coveted player cards that can be traded in for even more coins. Play on as your players earn XP in four key areas: Team Play, Individual Skill, Personality and Support.

Professional Matchday: AI behaviours and tactics, opposition player tendencies and crowd behaviour have been upgraded in more than 100 match situations. In addition, AI players now ready for action in pre-match warm-ups and may even call plays during a match.

Skill Games: 2 player co-op or up to 4 players on the same device against AI opponents will now showcase brand new Free Kicks, Off-Sides, Set Pieces and Pre-Shot Analysis, while the Referee will also have a new set of AI behaviours enabling greater game-management and more tactical opportunities.

Soccer: Passing and dribbling were a cornerstone of the original game, and they’re back bigger and better in FIFA. Players can now take advantage of a new defensive AI that’s smarter, faster and more robust than ever before. Beyond that, players will be better able to control the ball in tight spaces by having better ball control and more accurate shooting and passes.

FIFA Ultimate Team: FIFA Ultimate Team is back with a deeper, richer and more powerful economy than ever before. Now you can create and manage your own stables of players, and compete for coveted player cards that can be traded in for even more coins. Play on as your players earn XP in four key areas: Team Play, Individual Skill, Personality and Support.


NEW DECK SLOTS: Take on teams from 11 real-world nations and compete for a share of the $125 million prize pool in the annual FIFA 18 FIFA World Cup™. Select from 32 player cards representing each of the 32 teams; bring the World Cup to your favourite country!



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In FIFA 22, you can create and manage your own Ultimate Team of 32 players using a new card-based system. Build your dream squad by assembling sets of authentic cards featuring the game’s real superstars, with hundreds of players and more than 7,000 possible cards to collect. Get started by choosing from over 1,000 kits, boots, and more cards to build your dream squad.

FIFA Mobile –
Bring your favorite clubs and players to life with FIFA Mobile! Use your cards and coins to purchase an entire team in a Football Manager style. Add new players as you earn them, coach them up, and compete in tournaments.


Refined Attack – Players are now more unpredictable, getting better in dribbles, cutting off passes, and feinting to evade markers.

New Progression System – The Progression System features a new Manager Progression system. Players have new progressions and experience based on the stats they earn. Stat bonuses stack up to reward players for superior performance.

My Game – Enjoying the game on the device of your choice is now easier than ever with new customization options and a seamless experience.

FIFA Ultimate Team – We’re bringing the game’s Player Stats and Team Stats together to create the first footballing scoring system that puts your team in the game from the first whistle. Create and manage your own personal squad of 32 players, available as a part of FIFA Ultimate Team. Choose from over 1,000 kits, boots and more cards to build your dream team – and customize each of them with play styles, attributes and more.

FIFA Mobile – We’ve reimagined the way you build and maintain your squad in FIFA Mobile with the all-new Card Draft system. Draft cards directly from the UEFA Champions League draw, build your squad with your favorite players, earn coins to upgrade your cards, compete in Competitive Leagues and add cards to your deck.

FIFA Ultimate Team – New to FIFA 22, the Manager Progression system is the foundation upon which the game’s new attacking system is built. The new system rewards players for superior performance, with their stats accumulating over time and their experience level increasing based on stats they earn. These stats, known as Progression Points, are broken down into two categories: User Performance Points (Upps) and Manager Performance Points (Mpps). Upps are tracked based on the player’s overall performance and how that


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Discover an immersive new destination – Experience a lived-in city that feels real and welcoming, a single-storied residential building with an elevator and a back door, and unique buildings that reveal the rich history of the places you play.
  • New Champions League: The Fifa Transfer Market and Playlist – Watch your game’s greatest stars grow and transition from childhood to adulthood, as you earn and unlock the Ballon d’Or award over six seasons. The new Champions League also adds new features to the World Cup mode, reflecting the changing fortunes of the popular international competition.
  • Experience new ice rinks and old-school dirt stadiums – FIFA 22 introduces new ice rinks across Europe, featuring authentic outdoor rinks like the one at the Bane Nikolajsens Arena and roofless indoor rinks at the Kruse Nielsen Indoor Rink and the Brutal Outdoor Rink in Belgrade. New ways to experience turf-based football, new crowd features for re-created venues, and changes to grassy areas under the turf add to the variety of FIFA 22’s game worlds.
  • Master your favourite passing styles, and play FIFA 22 with confidence – Play like the world’s best and fastest players, with a new ‘Slow Down/Quick Throw’ feature, which causes players to slow down passing and dribbling animations to ensure that throws are more accurate. A new Fluid Move functionality provides endless sliding and flicks, which helps move the ball and turn defenders. Play the game with confidence and proficiency.
  • Twitch and Upload Live streams – Free your inner FIFA Twitch fanatic and join the daily action and excitement in the FIFA Twitch channel on YouTube, as scores are updated live. And for the first time, players and viewers can see their friends and rivals live from the broadcasts.”


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FIFA Ultimate Team ™ is an all-new way to play FIFA, as the game gives you the opportunity to collect, trade, and play with footballers from all around the world like never before.

FIFA is football. It’s a sport, a lifestyle, and a culture that unites billions of people and billions of emotions.

Have the EA SPORTS FIFA experience. The most immersive football game in the world. FIFA provides the best football experience, with the most football.

Introducing a new season of gameplay innovation with new ways to play, drive, and win in Ultimate Team, Create a Club, and FIFA Ultimate Access.

Unleash the new Pro AI, including up to 10 times the amount of tactical interaction in the Pro Player AI compared to last year’s game.

With the ability to play in the dark on the big screen, FIFA delivers more dynamic gameplay with the FIFA Dominate lighting system, overhauled audio, and a new full 360 player model with improved visual fidelity.

Pick up and play on smartphones and tablets with the FIFA Mobile app. The FIFA Mobile app is optimized for touch controls and multiplayer gaming.

League of legends is the world’s most popular spectator sport. The UEFA Champions League tournament is the biggest club football tournament in the world.

Now you can play in both. No other football game can deliver all these moments like FIFA.


Win, share, collect and play with friends in FIFA Ultimate Team

Move, pass, and shoot with a richer, more realistic new football pitch experience.

Aggressive and realistic new gameplay features give fans authentic tactics and strategy.

Compete in more ways than ever with new modes, collectables, trading, and more.

A new interactive Soccer Ball with NFC that tracks where you’ve kicked it.

FIFA is the only football game that has the chance to unleash the very best football players in the world.

Your players have stats, traits, and traits that help you unlock stars and gain that edge.

FIFA is deeper than ever in Ultimate Team mode.

Buy, sell, trade, loan and resell players to unlock better options.

More tactical interaction from your footballers


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Save the file as “Fifa.7z” anywhere on your computer
  • Once extracted, launch “Fifa/setup.exe”
  • A default password of “admin” will be accepted
  • At the Welcome screen, type your name and locale, then press ENTER
  • Run “Fifa.exe –u”:
  • The Ready To Install (RTI) screen will display for around 5 seconds
  • Select the “Select” option when the installer finishes


System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional (32 or 64-bit)
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000 MHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible with 1280 x 1024 resolution
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 250 MB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
We have seen and heard reports that some users may encounter an error when launching the game:


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