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Adapting your app to different audiences can be difficult, and you never know if the people using your software are going to do it properly. Usually situated in the directory of a program, readme files provide a quick and easy way to inform users on how to correctly operate an app.
One of the in-depth ways of going about this, however, is through help files, which are more organized and present a more streamlined approach to providing guidelines. How does one make them? Using HelpSmith can be an option, as it provides lots of tools to aid you in building the most comprehensive helper for your app: structure them with different styles to focus on what's important, insert photos and videos, and export in many formats.
Comprehensive features and intuitive design
Even though it's a comprehensive interface this app harbors, it is an easily understandable one. Navigating through this program is simple, and the sample projects can help you get acquainted with how it all works. Several templates are available to choose from, and each is made for a different type of content.
As far as the general layout is concerned, it's cleverly constructed. The table of contents panel on the left side helps you get around to your project quickly, and the MS Office-like tabs at the top bring a sense of familiarity to the design.
We managed to insert a photo into our document, and we were able to explain its significance below, with the help of the Styles panel. It was a successful operation, much like adding a video was. Then, we were able to add different headings and even highlight the text we deemed important.
Compile in many ways
After you are happy with your help file, exporting it is just as easy of a task. Essentially, you can compile it in different formats, such as HTML, Web, PDF, Word, and even as a manual ready for printing.
All in all, HelpSmith is a reliable and versatile tool that helps you create comprehensive help files for your apps.







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HelpSmith Torrent Download stands for Help on the Scene. It is an automated help authoring tool for Windows that can automatically create a detailed help file for any standard Windows application or Windows Service.
HelpSmith consists of three software components: HelpSmith (the Help File Authoring Tool), HelpSmith (the Help Search Engine), and HelpSmith (the Help File Compiler).

HelpSmith provides a rich user interface with a visual design. It’s set apart by its tabbed interface with a classic look and feel.
HelpSmith’s Help Books can be written in several languages, providing the user with the most accurate information. Each Help Book is linked to the Help Table of Contents for easy navigation.
HelpSmith helps you get the most out of your help documentation by producing both the HTML and PDF versions automatically. It also uses natural language to make your help documents as easy to understand as possible.

Screenshots of HelpSmith:

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Think of it like a very flexible set of MOSS templates. With all the apps you need, you’re able to create a very useful and highly-professional help desk interface without all the extra cost and pain of using expensive outside help desks. Very simple to use.
Some great functionalities include:
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HelpSmith Description:
HelpSmith stands for Help on the Scene. It is an automated help authoring tool for Windows that can automatically create a detailed help file for any standard Windows application or Windows Service.
HelpSmith consists of three software components: HelpSmith (the Help File Authoring Tool), HelpSmith (the Help Search Engine), and HelpSmith (the Help

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HelpSmith is a help authoring tool that enables you to easily create, edit, and printable standalone Help documentation for your office applications and websites. HelpSmith transforms the Microsoft Windows Help system into a great authoring tool with the introduction of the Help authoring system.
HelpSmith Features:
HelpSmith makes it very easy for you to create and edit Help files. HelpSmith comes with a powerful help authoring system that enables you to write the documentation in a MS Word format. You can use document styles and section styles to format your text. Use the built-in wizard to add/delete sections, change section order, and set/remove section formatting. You can also customize the section using the complete customization system. You can also use a HelpSmith generated sample project to get a quick and easy view of how it works.
HelpSmith Conclusion:
Creating and editing Help files is made easy and simple with HelpSmith. You can create, edit, and print Help documentation for any software application with HelpSmith.
HelpSmith Download:

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Customizable rich-media features
When you think about making apps that go beyond simple text, your mind instantly pictures an app that includes images. You might even make one and find that it’s not quite as useful as you imagined. These days, making photo or video-heavy apps is a breeze thanks to apps that add that functionality to your program.
If you are looking for the tools to make your photo or video-centric app look beautiful, you need to look no further than iExplorer, which is a program that brings to the table customizable features. It makes adding photos and videos to your app a breeze, and it allows you to keep those photos and videos neat and tidy.
We managed to make use of some tools on this app to really make the files you upload look beautiful and professional. One of the main capabilities of iExplorer is the infinite scrolling that allows you to upload files that keep growing as you work on making the app, all while keeping its presentation clean and easy to read.
It’s also a great app for easily adding transitions and effects, and we found a way to add two of them: fade and blur. In addition, we also added some effects, some of which would have taken us a while to figure out and code: the pinching and rotating effect, for instance.
With all the power iExplorer has to offer, it’s definitely an app that you might look into when it comes time to make an app that has photo and video-heavy content.
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HelpSmith is a Microsoft Office style help creator that is great for creating text based help for anything from tips on how to use your program to making a tutorial on how to make a certain type of item.

This software is for the advanced user with at least intermediate level computer skills. There are many options and abilities to configure and build a help file to suit your needs and content.

HelpSmith Features:

Fully Configurable Menus

Customizable Main Menu

Three editing views; Text, Images and Files

Image Editor

Fonts Editor

Styles Editor


Insertion of a variety of objects



Quick Search and Find

Multiple Languages


Vocabulary Builder


Import and Export


Drawing Tools

Proofreading Tools

It’s a very nice program and I was using it right away once I downloaded it.

HelpSmith Review Author Rating: 4.6

Review: The program does exactly what it says in the title, it makes creating help files easy.

There are quite a few features that this software has, as far as the types of files it can create and the types of things you can add is concerned. Even with all these options, this software gives you much more than you can ever ask for, so if you are struggling to create a clean and crisp help file, I suggest you try this software out.

As soon as I decided to create a help file with the intention of making a video tutorial, I tried searching and asking around on how to do so and one of the tips I was given was to use this software to create my help file. Just as the name suggests, this software is ideal for creating help files and tutorials like the ones I wanted, but you should be aware that you will need the ability to write or speak in English in order to create a decent help file.

If you know how to operate this software, this is absolutely the best help file creator to use, as it gives you lots of features to edit and manipulate your help files in any way you see fit.

HelpSmith Review Author Rating: 4.6

Review: The program does exactly what it says in the title, it makes creating help files easy.

This is an open-source help authoring software, which

System Requirements For HelpSmith:

Supported Game Modes
Bug Fixes
Beta Fixes
Recommended minimum specifications:
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later
Intel i5 CPU
4GB of RAM
Sufficient space to download the new game content when installed and running
64-bit Intel Mac OS X with a 64-bit processor
The final minimum system requirements are subject to change.
The Mac version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Mac has been updated to version 1.2.

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