Interactive Petrophysics 4.1.rar NEW!

Interactive Petrophysics 4.1.rar NEW!

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Interactive Petrophysics 4.1.rar


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Assembly Sorting using carry

I have come across this code on one of the sites and i am not sure about it.
Say the starting value is 0. After carrying the MSB will add on to the starting value. (Meaning if the MSB is 1 it should add 1 to the starting number) then if it is 2 then it should add 2. (if the MSB is 2 then it should add 3. you get what i mean).
I am not able to understand how the carry is created and then how the msb is set to the carry.
f = X[LOWBIT(X)];
carry_in = (X[HIGHBIT(X) – 1])

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