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This tutorial will teach you how to perform a simple yet effective and powerful editing technique on a single layer of an image. It requires only two steps, and it takes advantage of the fundamental level of manipulation tools in Photoshop — the Brush tool and the Layer Styles. It will perform the following steps:

Open an image in Photoshop. Create a new image file that has the same size as the original (Get it from the Samples page if you need the reference). Create a new layer and use the Move Tool to move it onto the image. Replace the brush with a larger Brush tool. Set the layer’s blending mode to Color Dodge. Replace the brush with a new, smaller version of the same brush.

Step 1: Creating a new layer

Let’s start this tutorial with the layer in place.

Step 2: Duplicate the layer

We will duplicate the layer so we can edit it. In order to duplicate the layer, click on the layer itself and use the Move Tool or the Edit > Copy (Windows) / Edit > Copy (Mac). We can use the Move Tool to copy the layer on the left.

Step 3: Move the layer

When you drag the layer onto the image, it will become part of the image. You can use this layer as a new canvas by dragging it up on the image. If you want to change its appearance, you can edit it and do so by using its layer properties.

Step 4: Replace the brush

Now let’s change the brush on the layer.

Step 5: Replace the brush with a smaller one

Let’s do this.

To do this, click on a bigger brush (I use the Brush tool that’s painted on the left) and replace it with a smaller brush that is smaller (the brush that is displayed on the right). Now you can see that the smaller brush has been selected.

Using this smaller brush, you can edit the layer in a way that it becomes opaque.

Step 6: Color dodge the layer

While the smaller brush is selected, let’s set the layer’s mode to Color Dodge.

Step 7: Replace the brush

Let’s do this again.

To do this, repeat the steps above (click the right brush, replace the brush with a smaller one, and set the mode to Color Dodge).

Your layer is now partially transparent.

Step 8: Replace the brush with the

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Image editing requires a high level of skills and knowledge of computer graphics. In this article, we’re going to talk about the simplest Photoshop tricks you can do to improve your images.

Helpful Photoshop Tricks for Beginners

There are three Photoshop tricks you can use to help you improve your images. They will make your images more original, and they will also help you create a distinctive image.

1) Drop a Crop Tool Into Your Image

I like to call this the “next step” when cropping images. The idea is to keep your images within the cropped area you select, so you can keep the same perspective, size, and focal point.

Here is an example of a Image I made to show you how this works. It’s a minimalistic image, and you can use it for a variety of things.

You can also use the Crop Tool to fix a small or very large area of the image by moving the corners.

2) Rotate an Image in the Layers Panel

If you want to take a different perspective to your image, try to rotate it before you merge layers together. This will create a new perspective and different elements in the image.

Here is an example with a photo I edited as I was taking this article.

You can see that I put the sunset photo into a new perspective using Rotate Layers and also added some new elements.

3) Change Color Palettes with Color Samples

I have a collection of 120 photo color samples to make color adjustments in Photoshop. All of my photos are filtered with color correction. I’m a professional photographer, so I collect color samples in a variety of categories: portraits, nature, lifestyle, cityscapes, day, and night.

In these samples, you’ll be able to change the mood of your image by changing the colors. I’ve added the samples to my website so you can get them for free.

I’ve also added a Color Shades Post Processing Layers Collection. This is a small collection of ready-to-use layers I found and added to my library. All you need to do is copy the l’s and paste them on your own project.

You can also use this layer to change the colors of your image. By selecting a layer in the Layers Panel, you can choose a color palette by clicking on it

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Antonín Holý

Antonín Holý (; 15 March 1873 – 4 October 1943) was a Czech architect, linguist, writer and collaborator with the Nazi-German occupying power during World War II. He is notable for working in the former Kingdom of Bohemia and Moravia, which between 1939 and 1945 became the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and where all non-Germanic languages were eliminated and the German language became the sole official language (Reichskultur).


Early life
Holý was born in Stará Boleslav in the Kingdom of Bohemia, then part of the Austrian Empire, into a family of Czech architects. His grandfather, a sergeant of the Hussars, was a master builder and inspector at the Supreme Court of Austria-Hungary in Ljubljana. As a child, Holý studied Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, graduating in 1898. During his time at the Academy, he developed a talent for drawing, and began to supplement his income by illustrating for magazines. He also attended classes in foreign languages, including Italian, French and English. Through his studies at the Academy, he became acquainted with figures in the Czech art community, including Karel Štěch, Jaroslav Rössler, Jiří dežela and František Kříž.

Holý participated in the Exhibition of German Art in Nuremberg in 1904. Two years later he toured Czechoslovakia, then still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with painter and art-critic Josef Vávra. In 1906 Holý began his architectural career. He traveled to Italy, where he studied with the architect Luigi Snozzi. He also undertook studies in the United States, spending many months in New York City. He subsequently returned to Prague to work as an architect for Václav Langmajer, a long-term collaborator of his brother Karel. Holý was also an associate with the Art Nouveau architect, Viktor Hrobsky. In 1909 he won the contest to design a palace for Václav Hálek, and also the 1914 competition to design the Gallery of Arts for the Germania Trade Union.

Holý became a member of the Bohemia Club in Prague, a

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While the global economy deals with weakening growth and inflation, the German government just unveiled a new budget and tax plan – which it expects to help the country become the most competitive economy in the world by 2020.

In what is seen as a wakeup call for eurozone countries hit by the euro crisis, Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schauble, has set a goal of becoming the most competitive economy in the world by 2020, independent from the current economic situation.

“It’s all about growth and competition,” said Schauble. “We must be the most competitive economy in the world, not only in Europe, but also globally.”

Schauble spoke after German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced mounting pressure this week from European leaders over the country’s failure to implement the new economic and fiscal plan agreed by the 19-nation euro group in December.

The new plan was dismissed as a “little brick” in the face of deepening debt worries and fears over the euro bloc’s future, but it may have been the Merkel government’s most well-received policy since it took power in 2005.

“The plan is timely, credible and convincing in its message,” said Guido Starcke, policy adviser with Germany’s premier economic research institute, DIW. “It is an idea that makes sense on a long-term perspective and is in keeping with international reality.”

The road ahead

For countries that don’t have budget deficits and low rates of inflation, the answer is simple – grow.

“You can’t avoid the fact that we need a recovery in the euro area,” said Thomas Schmauch, senior economist with DZ Bank in Frankfurt.

“This new tax and spending plan is an important step to bring down the public deficit in the fiscal years 2010-2011,” said Schmauch.

In 2010, consumer prices are expected to rise 2.6 percent on a year-over-year basis, while the government predicts only a 0.9 percent increase in consumer prices.

According to Schmauch, the government expects these deficits to be reduced from 3 percent of gross domestic product in 2010 to 1.2 percent in 2011.

“The idea is to bring down the deficit in the short term, but also to reduce the debt share of gross domestic product,” said Schmauch.

The new government tax and spending plan won’t be put into effect until April, but economists say they expect the new

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Accessing NEX Setups
To access a NEX Setup, you first have to head over to the “New folder” and create a new folder with the name of your NEX, which is used to

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