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■ Allows you to choose a series of pictures and then to create a movie ■ MioMotion Crack Mac allows you to make a movement relative to the position of the photos ■ Once MioMotion Free Download is started, it can also be used independently as a screen saver ■ You can enable or disable the music to synchronize with the photos ■ You can create only a single movie, multiple movies, or a slideshow of movies ■ You can pause and resume the movie at any time without closing it ■ You can add a subtitle to the movie ■ You can replace a photo by another photo from a different folder. Features: ■ Preview movies ■ Customizable playback speed ■ Customizable speed difference for same images ■ Many Clipboard operations for fast copying, pasting or moving of images ■ Export movie to SPC ■ Export movie to MOV or EXE ■ Export movies to VIDEO format ■ Export to Movie format ■ Export to JPEG, GIF, PNG, MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA ■ Burn movies to DVD ■ Edit images ■ Replace images ■ Movie player ■ OnMouseOver show windows tips for movie and camera view ■ OnMouseOut hide windows tips for movie and camera view ■ OnCheckedChanged do something when something change ■ OnExecute do something when movie is start ■ Photo Album viewer ■ Double click on a picture in albums viewer or show picture in viewer to create movie ■ Select the image from a photo album to create movie ■ Select the files from the current folder to create movie ■ Preview at any time ■ Preview any time with quick navigation and copy ■ Preview any time with zoom and scroll with navigation bar ■ Preview at any time with fast scrolling ■ You can enable or disable any of those with checkboxes ■ Support for EXE file ■ Support for screen saver SCR file ■ Support for WMA and MP2 ■ Support for JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3, WAV, DC ■ Support for MOV ■ Support for SCR

MioMotion Free

“MioMotion Free Download” is a program that allows users to create movie files from still pictures. Two steps are involved: – Run the installation of MioMotion and its plug-ins (optional) – Run the MioMotion plug-in to create the movie file. With MioMotion, you can: ■ Quickly create your movies from still pictures. ■ Make them dynamic and interactive. ■ Make them funny. ■ Use all your memory. MioMotion Features: ■ All the power of editing applications as paint, render and compositing. ■ The possibility to zoom on the movie. ■ The clip size can be 4*4 or 5*5. ■ The size of the movie file is greatly reduced by using our custom compression method. ■ The project can be saved and the movie can be previewed and edited later on (you will not lose the film because it is cached). ■ Any format can be imported and exported. ■ You can save the movie using your chosen format and create a composite from several films. ■ A DVD can be created (with DVDX and menu files). ■ Many parameters can be modified, you can also directly load your own still pictures from a folder. “MioMotion” application was designed to allow users to create movies from still pictures. It can: ■ Improve the impact of your photos by making them alive. ■ Product movies for a distribution on the Internet, by email or on CD-Rom. ■ Create screen savers. Here are some key features of “MioMotion”: Interface ■ Convenient and easy-to-learn Interface. ■ Quick access to film and scene parameters. ■ Navigation and ordering bar with drag & drop support. ■ Preview at any time. Film parameters ■ Name and author ■ Output format (up to 1600*1200, optionally in full screen mode) ■ MP3 or WAV music Scene parameters ■ Duration (synchronization to music) ■ Subtitle ■ Movement types (zoom, scrolling, perspective, manual.) ■ Improved and blurred render ■ Import JPG image or from clipboard 7ef3115324

MioMotion Crack+

MioMotion is a movie creator. It allows users to create professional looking movies from their photos. It’s very easy to use and with an optimized interface, it can be used within just a few minutes. Very important: MioMotion does not require graphic cards. It’s for those who would like to have all the advantages of final projects with all the functions and ease of use of MioMotion. Program Features: ■ Allows you to save your movie (up to a maximum of 95 images) to your hard disk, or to a Zip file. ■ Allows you to burn your movie with a “.SCR” and/or a “.MIO” file and to send it to your friends via Email or other networking methods (see ‘FAQ’ for more information). ■ Previews your movie at any time. You can easily stop/start without losing your work. ■ Import any image (JPEG or TIFF) file in your hard disk. No graphic card required. ■ Once your movie is finished, you can choose between an EXE file that can be transferred to any computer via the Internet, or a MIO file for use with MioMotion (see the ‘FAQ’ for more information). ■ Allows you to customize your movie with titles, subtitles and easily place objects in your film. ■ Compatible with the FreeImage library. ■ Fully customize your movie and add animations. ■ Supports JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, ICO and animation in GIF formats. ■ Allows you to choose the output format (EXE or MIO). ■ Allows you to change the scene duration and to synchronize the movie with music or an external voice. ■ Allows you to integrate JPG images with still images within a movie. ■ Allows you to easily trim a specific part of the movie. ■ Supports animated GIF and JPG ■ And of course, allows you to put images and text in your movie. ■ But here’s the best thing: It’s free! Program Requirements: ■ Windows 98 or higher ■ Pentium-compatible CPU ■ 256MB RAM Note: The EXE or MIO movie file formats that are delivered with MioMotion is optimized for Pentium-compatible platforms. If you want to save movies

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■ Instead of taking photos or videos of a beautiful scene, you can now create your own movie. The result is an artistic movie. ■ Thanks to its powerful but intuitive interface, we make it easy for you. ■ Choose between the 8 most common movement types (zoom, pan, etc.) according to your scene and create your own style. ■ Preview at any time for a perfect result. License (you can distribute) ■ Depending on the version, you can either make your movie available for free on the internet or create your own CD-Rom. ■ Each version is accompanied by a license key that is valid for the entire time and is non-transferable. ■ In case of abuse, damages, illegal copies, or unauthorized distribution, all users of the software will be liable. ■ The validity of the license is automatically renewed each month. Sample movies ■ Move Photos with Scenery and Music ■ Select a Scenario ■ Select Photo Sequences, Music, or Click ■ Choose the best movement types for your movie ■ Create your own style ■ Choose the best stills to create your movie ■ Preview your movie before sending it ■ Enjoy a new movie every day. You can choose the photo stills and the music you want to use from a list of pictures and music. From the left side, you can choose your movie’s parameters: ■ Number of songs ■ Length of every song ■ Exposition time (time between each song) ■ Total length of the movie (time between each photo) ■ Animation types (zoom, pan, etc.) ■ Duration of the movie (synchronization to music) ■ Order (the order of the stills) ■ Output formats. You can choose to make your movie available for free on the Internet or create your own CD-Rom. ■ Preview ■ How many scenes ■ As a Screen Saver SCR file ■ As a MOVIE ■ Export your movie in Light MIO ■ How much RAM space is needed ■ Free RAM ■ Export your movie as an EXE file for free distribution.


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