Mprofit Crack [TOP] Code For Windows

Mprofit Crack [TOP] Code For Windows

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Mprofit Crack Code For Windows

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How to make this code shorter in Python?

Here I have an object that can have many orders.
After the user inputs a valid last name and an invoicetype, this is my code
for (order_id, order) in orders_by_person:
if order.client.last_name == name_input and order.invoice_type == inv_type:
print (order.client.last_name +’is’+ order.invoice_type +’and entered correctly’)

I could shorten it but how would I create that same loop with just one loop


Why not just use dict lookup:
orders_by_person = {}
if order_id, order in orders_by_person:
if order.client.last_name == name_input and order.invoice_type == inv_type:
print (order.client.last_name +’is’+ order.invoice_type +’and entered correctly’)

If you just need to check if the name matches, you don’t have to look it up again in the dictionary.


You could do something like:
for order in orders_by_person:
if order.client.last_name == name_input and order.invoice_type == inv_type:
print (order.client.last_name +’is’+ order.invoice_type +’and entered correctly’)

And when you have more than 1 order, you can use:
for order in (x for x in orders_by_person if x.client.last_name == name_input and x.invoice_type == inv_type):
print (order.client.last_name +’is’+ order.invoice_type +’and

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