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Though some may argue that paper books will never be replaced, it’s safe to say that eReadears are becoming accepted as a viable (and more eco-friendly) alternative to our coziest sources of culture. And it’s not just the top-choice Amazon Kindle that’s popular; there’s also the Kobo and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and other lesser known options, which people still buy. If there’s one thing that comes close to holding, touching & smelling a book, it’s the feeling of holding one single library in your hands, on just one device.
But with more devices, come more file formats. While the Kindle uses MOBI, the others prefer EPUB, all while you’re just getting frustrated because a lot of your stocked PDF books won’t get properly displayed on your eReader of choice. That’s why a software like PDFMate eBook Converter Professional could be really useful if you’re an eBook aficionado.
Convert your eBooks to the format of your choice
With the software’s user-friendly interface, you can easily convert an eBook file type to another, like, let’s say, MOBI to EPUB. But PDFMate isn’t limited only to eBook formats; you could, for example, convert a Microsoft Word DOCX file to MOBI (but not the other way round). Finally, you can convert any of the aforementioned formats to just plain TXT.
A fast DRM removal tool
PDFMate eBook Converter Professional can do this even to eBooks protected by Digital Rights Management, as it also acts as a DRM removal tool. The access control is removed as soon as you load the book into the software, allowing you to edit tags like Title, Author, Publishers, or even the book cover itself.
Another cool feature that PDFMate has is that it can automatically detect your eReader, and all of your stored eBooks. So, yes, this software can be a real “mate” if you need a bit of help in building your virtual library.







PDFMate EBook Converter Professional With Key

The PDFMate is a fantastic eBook utility that efficiently helps you to change the format of an eBook. It can convert PDF, DOCX, and PDB files to MOBI, TXT, EPUB, and PDF formats. It also has the advantage of removing all the DRM restrictions imposed by the eBook pirates. It is simple to use and works quickly. This software will save you time and money.
The PDFMate software is so easy to use. It is FREE of charge, there is nothing to install, you simply download the PDFMate software and run it. The PDFMate software is simple to use and works with a single click. It will convert PDF files from Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel, and others.
The PDFMate software has an excellent interface for downloading and editing books. The interface of the software is easy to navigate. You can view the data related to the book, such as the author, title, title, publication date, details of the graphics used, and the serial number. You can then edit this information to make it suit your purpose.
PDFMate eBook Converter Professional basic features:
The PDFMate software is a program that allows you to convert any of the formats listed. You can convert PDF to EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOCX, PDB, and PDF. You can remove the DRM restrictions for the eBooks. It also allows you to preview and convert books in the formats below. In addition, the PDFMate software enables you to convert books from Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word and Excel.
In addition to the above features, the PDFMate eBook Converter has a range of other exciting features, for example, it can be used to extract text from the eBooks and add it to the text in other formats, such as EPUB or MOBI. PDFMate also converts book into Kindle books, so you can add these books to your Kindle library for reading on Kindle eReaders. You can add the eBooks as email attachments. It is ideal for users who use multiple devices.
Ebook converter for A4 and letter format
Ebook support for HTML, plain text, TXT, DOCX and other formats
If you’re an ebook lover, or if you’re looking to find new ways to convert your eBooks, this software could be the ideal option for you.

PDFMate eBook Converter Professional Review – What

PDFMate EBook Converter Professional Crack +

* A simple PDFMate eBook Converter Pro allows you to convert a virtually unlimited number of eBooks to numerous ebook formats and standard eReader file formats * * It’s an easy tool to convert multiple eBooks and PDFs to a new format * * This software can convert between a number of eBook formats, including: * PDF: PDFMate eBook Converter Pro has the capability to convert PDFs into eBooks with the ability to edit metadata, images, and formatting * MOBI: Supports Mobile eBooks which are formatted for the NOOK, KINDLE, and other Kindle devices * AZW3: AZW3 is a format for eBooks created by BlackBoard Learn. PDFMate can convert AZW3 eBooks to MOBI, EPUB, and MOBI+HTML * TXT: TXT is a plain-text format which can be read with any device and any platform. PDFMate can convert TXT eBooks to EPUB, MOBI, and MOBI+HTML * RTF: RTF is a plain-text format which can be read with any device and any platform. PDFMate can convert RTF eBooks to EPUB, MOBI, and MOBI+HTML * XHTML: XHTML is a format for eBooks created by BlackBoard Learn. PDFMate can convert XHTML eBooks to EPUB, MOBI, and MOBI+HTML * PDF: A standard PDF eBook, for example a document, web page, or book. PDFMate can convert PDF eBooks to eBooks with the ability to edit metadata, images, and formatting. * ADD: PDFMate eBook Converter Pro allows you to convert PDFs to EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PDF, EPUB, PDF, RTF, XHTML, ADD, TXT, and MOBI+HTML * Create MOBIs automatically: PDFMate eBook Converter Pro provides you the feature of creating MOBI files automatically * Create MOBIs with custom titles: PDFMate eBook Converter Pro provides the feature of custom title generation * Auto-detect device: All this conversion you make is auto-detected by PDFMate eBook Converter Pro automatically. PDFMate eBook Converter Pro Mac Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later * System requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.7 or later * Processor: 1 GHz Intel or faster * RAM: 1 GB

PDFMate EBook Converter Professional Crack Free Download For PC

PDFMate has the most complete set of tools and features in its industry. PDFMate allows you to:
• Create PDF of any number of pages
• Watermark a PDF
• Sync PDF to and from USB Drive
• Create PostScript, HTML, RTF and TXT files
• Remove watermark from PDF files
• Organize PDF files and folders
• Create and Compress PDF files
• Split PDF files
• Burn PDF to CD
• Create PDF printer file
• Convert PDF to PDF
• Convert PDF to text
• Convert PDF to Flash
• Convert PDF to JPG
• Convert PDF to JPG / JEPG
• Convert PDF to GIF
• Convert PDF to MNG
• Convert PDF to TIF
• Convert PDF to TIFF
• Convert PDF to PSD
• Convert PDF to EPS
• Convert PDF to WMF
• Convert PDF to XPS
PDFMate supports the most popular PDF reader as well as PDF Creator that could not be listed. More than 1000 of PDF files and folders could be opened in PDFMate.
Multilingual support, as a result of having all translations in your system, PDFMate enables you to translate any PDF files without the need of any additional tool.
PDFMate supports several formats including, but not limited to, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PRC, HTML, TXT, RTF, PPT, DOC, XML, XHTML, PDF, EPUB, MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, MP4, and more.
PDFMate stands as the only app for Mac OS X or Windows that would allow you to read PDF files in a different color or with a different font. PDFMate is the only tool that gives you a choice to select which PDF Reader that you want to work with.
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What’s New In?

PDFMate eBook Converter Professional is an application that converts your converted eBooks in a few simple clicks and helps you keep your eBooks. The software allows you to convert.PDF,.EPUB,.MOBI,.CBZ files (that contain eBooks) to any other format you need without the need to copy or move your eBooks to different folders. PDFMate eBook Converter Professional can also convert.DOCX,.ODT,.RTF files into eBooks. For you to gain full access to eBooks, it is recommended that you extract the Bookmark and embedded images from them, when it is possible.
Let PDFMate eBook Converter Professional clean all the metadata and tags stored in your files, including Title, Author, Publisher, Copyright, Page Numbers, Bookmarks, Images, and more. You can also choose what characters should be removed, or if you want the text to be wrapped by bookmarks, or to be decrypted before converting.
PDFMate eBook Converter Professional requires Windows OS to run on. The latest version is The free PDFMate eBook Converter Professional program is available for download from the website and can be installed on a new computer or an existing one. It also requires a web connection to the Internet to update eBooks. The software can also be downloaded to a CD or USB drive.
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PDFMate eBook Converter Professional File Compatibility:

With PDFMate, we have now added ISO/IEC 29500-2, the new standard for eBooks in 2020.

PDFMate eBook Converter Professional setup will also help you get rid of any adware or malware once you have downloaded your eBook. It will check the software you are about to install and scan for any known and dangerous adware or malware, which would otherwise affect the eBooks you are trying to convert. You will not have to install any spyware if you choose to use PDFMate as your eBook conversion software.

The solution includes numerous functionalities that can help you convert and manage your eBook files. It is also possible to get rid of Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions. With the help of PDFMate eBook Converter Professional’s eReader Manager feature, you can keep track of all of your eBooks and keep them


System Requirements For PDFMate EBook Converter Professional:

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1) Time of data collection;
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