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Note This dialog box also appears when you right-click in the main editing area of a Photoshop file, regardless of whether or not there is a layer currently active in that area.

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Photoshop Elements usually costs less than a month’s subscription to Adobe Photoshop, but it has the same features that it costs hundreds of dollars more. All you need to get started is a computer with a minimum amount of memory to run Photoshop and Windows, an Internet connection to download applications, or an alternative operating system such as Ubuntu and the open source GIMP program (see the Recommended Requirements). With Photoshop Elements and GIMP, users can enjoy a reasonable alternative to Photoshop. This tutorial was updated in August 2018 to include tips that will help you create high-quality images and graphics that look like those created by Photoshop. A copy of Photoshop Elements for Windows is available at the Microsoft store for $39.99. Suggested Photoshop Elements alternatives Using Windows 10, GIMP runs well with this version of Photoshop Elements, as the program makes it easy to import Photoshop files. Once you have installed GIMP, open Elements and click the import option at the bottom left. Navigate to the location where you stored your PSD files and open one of your PSDs. After you import a Photoshop file, you need to get rid of the previous version of the file. To do this, navigate to the app’s File menu, select Open, then navigate to the bin folder where you saved the older version of the file. There should be a list of older files that will tell you where your file is. Selecting this option will import the older version of the file and bring you back to the Elements window. If you want to edit an image and get rid of layers or easily add a background layer, Photoshop Elements has a good tool for that too. Go to Layer menu and click Edit Inactive Layers. If you have used the program for years, Elements will work well and allow you to use the rest of the features and the program in the same way. You can get Photoshop Elements for free. Download Photoshop Elements First, you will need to download the file. To do this, go to the Microsoft store and search for “download Photoshop Elements” from the Windows Store. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Microsoft account, go to the app’s store page and click the Download button. Once the program is downloaded, you will see a window like the one in the image below. Click Open. If your email isn’t recognized, you will need to log in to a Microsoft account first 05a79cecff

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Q: Save Settings with Python: How to use settings.DATABASE_URI? I’m trying to save my settings by using a RestAPI. my code looks like this @override void initState() { // TODO: implement initState super.initState(); _loadDB(); } void _saveDB(){ setState(() { settings.set(DatabaseHelper().DBURI,result[1][0]); print(result[1][0]); print(DatabaseHelper().DBURI); }); } This is my model class DatabaseHelper { DatabaseHelper({Key key}) : _databaseKey = key; String get databaseKey { return _databaseKey; } Database db = await DatabaseProvider.instance.getDatabase( databaseKey: _databaseKey ); String DBURI = ‘$_databaseKey:server/database’; Future get databaseUrl async { return DBURI; } } My problem is, that settings.set() always seems to be empty and so i can’t actually save anything in my settings. Is the process correct and does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? A: I am afraid what you do is incorrect because you use the instance method (the answer is in the documentation) So you should use the static method DatabaseHelper().setDBURI(result[1][0]); or just settings.set(DatabaseHelper.DBURI, result[1][0]); Q: FFMPEG usage for capturing screen I need to capture screen. I have found this code that works ffmpeg -f avfoundation -i “screen://” -f movie -t 5 -r

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A PC with: – Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 or Windows 7 – A video card with: – 1024×768 resolution with 16 bit color – 16 MHz Video Card – 32-bit Operating System – 1.5 GB RAM – 2 GB available hard disk space Peripherals: – A mouse and a keyboard Tutorial: In the tutorial we will show you the basics of the game, play a game using multi-tasking and the

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