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Below are some tips for starting off your creative journey in Photoshop:

* **Use a program-within-a-program such as Lightroom or another image-editing program to help you understand your images and to prepare your images for Photoshop.**

Most importantly, you need to understand the Photoshop layers and brushes system, which is how you manipulate images in layers.

* **Upload lots of images, break down the ones that need editing and adjust them accordingly, then keep on uploading.** Again, don’t reinvent the wheel. Almost anyone can use Photoshop and achieve similar results with a few keystrokes.

* **Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool.** You can learn the basics in one afternoon and become proficient with Photoshop in a few days.
* **Be sure to learn other creative programs — such as Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Keynote — as well as getting to know the fundamentals of all the computer terms that you’ll need to become a skilled designer.** You can never be too prepared and that is definitely something that Photoshop can help you with.

## Understanding Image Formats

Many of the images you download from the Internet are packed with data that you don’t need and will slow down the upload process. To keep the download times down and your broadband provider happy, Adobe has developed a nice tool called _image compression_ to reduce the size of the file’s data before it downloads to your computer. After the image file is compressed, your camera will be able to save the compressed version of the image for you to download. By default, you may also be able to use a _watermark_ (a print of your image with the copyright information that you inserted) that’s attached to the file.

If you’re saving a file to a digital medium, such as a CD, DVD, or hard drive, for storage, you’re in no danger of running out of space. However, if you’re saving a JPEG file to a print media such as a CD or DVD, the file can get really big really quickly. Therefore, you may want to make sure that you save your files in a format that’s more compact and that doesn’t use up so much space. You can save the files in several formats:

* **JPEG:** This file format’s best advantage is that it’s widely supported. In addition, image quality is generally very good and printing is easier. However, storing the file takes more space

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1. Lighting & Darkroom Tips

Before you get started editing, keep these tips in mind.

You don’t need a darkroom. Photoshop Elements’s “View Original” button is very close to Photoshop’s “Original” button. Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Elements Pro both have a native darkroom and a built-in “View Original” button.

Edit large images like web banner images in a traditional web browser window. When you’re working with large web banners, you’ll want to use a modern web browser that allows you to easily drag an image from the web browser to Photoshop Elements, so you can easily drag and edit the image in Elements.

There’s an online tutorial that walks you through how to “View Large Version.”

Use Photoshop Elements’s “Preview Layer” tool to quickly check your results before committing to editing. When you are ready to commit, simply make the changes, then use the “Save Layer As” tool to save the changes.

You can also use the “Clone Layers” tool to copy the currently active layer and make changes to a new layer, then simply merge all the changes with the original.

Lightroom is a very powerful photo editing application, particularly for photographers. You can use Photoshop Elements to create a basic exposure correction in Lightroom. In fact, using a RAW editor such as Adobe Lightroom, a photographer could create a basic exposure correction in Photoshop Elements and then open the adjustments made with Lightroom in Photoshop.

Lightroom has a “Photo bin” feature that’s similar to Photoshop Elements’s “Frame” feature. This feature lets you choose an area of an image and place it in the center of a new layer, so you can easily move around the image.

Stenciling patterns and gradients in Photoshop Elements makes it easy to create sophisticated effects similar to those you’d find in a professional photo studio. You can use the built-in Gradient tool to create a gradient with any visual effects you like.

Using Photoshop Elements’s “Filter Gallery” you can create patterns and add them to your images to make them interesting. Use these same filters on the Photoshop Elements screen to make the filters easy to apply on a new layer.

2. Basic Editing & Basic Tools

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