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Compositing is the process of combining images or video clips together into a single new image or video. Compositing is the basis of the feature film editing process, where everything is put together into an edited film, and of simple video effects such as overlays and transitions.

Learn how to edit video in the following sections.

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More advanced Photoshop alternatives like GIMP and other image editors are not included in this list because they are designed to be used as professional photo editing tools. The list is divided into Photoshop Elements plugins and Photoshop alternatives.

Photoshop Elements plugins

This section includes plugins that provide additional functionality to the Elements version of Photoshop.

No File Size Increase

Photoshop has no file size limit for your document. But if you are using a plugin which increases the file size then you may not be able to upload the file through your web host. To upload a larger file through a web host like Dreamhost, you need to host with a different web host.

Tools used to decrease file size

Subtract Background

Remove Photoshop Elements elements (e.g. layer styles, filters, masks, etc.)

Remove unused layers

Remove non-photographic objects from photographs

Remove duplicates in layers

Adjust Size

Adjust Image Thumbnail Size

Grow/Enlarge Selected Area

Edit Fuzziness (remove dots, blur, and blur dots)


View full pixel dimensions

Pixel Aspect Ratio

Change aspect ratio

Background Removal

Remove background

Select image area (remove background)

Resize Image

Resize Image (Extend into rectangular area in the document)

Resize Layer

Increase / Decrease Image Size

Enlarge / decrease image size

Trim / crop image

Rotate Image

Rotate Image (Apply rotation to image)

Flip Image Horizontally

Flip image horizontally

Flip Image Vertically

Flip image vertically


Straighten Image

Flip image vertical (Reset image)

Rotate Image (Rotate clockwise / counterclockwise)

Flip Image Horizontally (Reset image)

Flip Image Vertically (Reset image)

Grayscale Color

Convert to Grayscale

Black / White


Lighten / Darken

Grayscale Color

Create a Grayscale



Match Color

Create Masks

Add a Cutout

Duplicate Layers

Add a Layer Style

Remove a Layer Style

Change Layer Style


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UConn’s Thompson Should Be First Take to Light Up Day

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System Requirements For Neon Photoshop Styles Free Download:

• Intel Core i5-4690 3.2 GHz or equivalent
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• DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
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• Sound card: DirectX-compatible sound card
• Minimum 1.5 GB of

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