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Marc Fogel — credited as Marc Fogle — went on to become a leading Hollywood producer who released John Grisham’s The Firm in 1999.
A lineup of actors and actresses gave the play its stage debut, including Nell Carter, Candice Azzara, Dick Anthony Williams, Jackie Earle Haley, and Robert Guillaume.
Historical Context
With its large ensemble cast, The Wiz offered a contemporary dimension to the primordial tradition of African-American folk beliefs. The story was based on Leroi Jones’ 1962 play, and featured a new text written by playwright Stephan G. Avery and composer David Blume.
Performances and Production History
In its first production, The Wiz opened in April 1974 at the Magic Theatre, Denver, Colorado. The production featured an extensive cast and an innovative, off-Broadway-style theater production.
Critical Reception
The Wiz received favorable reviews and went on to more than 800 regional productions. In 1981, it won the New York Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Production of a Musical, and the following year the production won the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical.

“The Wiz” By Stephan G. Avery
“The Wiz” is a musical based on the story of the classic 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz.” It was written by Stephan G. Avery and David Blume.
Storyline and Plot
In Kansas in 1897, there lives a little girl named Dorothy. One night her house blows away because of a cyclone. After the cyclone, a tornado takes her house to a magical place called the Emerald City.

At the city of Oz, the new ruler is the great wizard known as the Wizard

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fathul majid penjelasan lengkap kitab tauhid darul haq,At the core of the upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War, is the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man. For Cap, it’s a real love-hate thing. He’s a square, but he also feels like Iron Man beats himself up for being an imperfect being. For Cap, he’s morally and physically right, while Iron Man is a fraud, and he has to be saved at the end of Civil War and even after – as he falls in love with a woman who doesn’t believe in his heroism.

Why is Cap so adamant that he be right? It was illustrated in Civil War where he talks about how Batman was a terrible person, but you could still admire him for his tenacity. Yet Captain America thinks Iron Man is a terrible human being, but still there’s this sense of love and admiration in his voice that can’t help but rub off on viewers.

It’s what’s been missing from many of the Hulk movies since The Incredible Hulk. The Hulk is a hero, and why shouldn’t he be? He destroys cities, for goodness sake!

That notion of heroism is what Civil War picks up on, and it’s something that’s more missing from superhero movies. Sure, there are a lot of smart superhero movies out there, but there’s little to no room for the Bruce Banner in the heart of the superhero movie – it’s too big, it’s not a team-up movie, it’s not about a hero with super-human powers.

It’s hard to reconcile, but the Harry Potter franchise and Marvel movies, especially Spider-Man, showed heroes who felt the same way about themselves as the viewer, and who felt like they had to be right, even if it meant having to save themselves.

Now, let’s take that idea, add a dash of The Godfather – which has a large part of their story deal with family – and a small portion of The Godfather Part II – which has the family struggle with the family business, and you have one of the best superhero movies ever made, Spider-Man: Homecoming


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The Mary McCarthy Show Today

The Mary McCarthy Show today. Her books are Classics. Her thoughts on language, intellect and creativity have for years been invigorating. Her stories about her friendships with other writers are edifying. She can be bitterly funny about people who have behaved badly, without an ounce of self-pity. She wrote about politics as a woman. She was incredibly witty. When the TV interview is repeated, it is exciting again to hear her speaking. (her first TV interview)

We are discussing a topic that is so close to us, since we are also among the many writers who are survivors of World War II. From our discussion, we have learned to honor everyone who has endured the horrors of war. It is not until we have experienced such pain do we truly know compassion.

Our interview will air today 3-29-12 at 6:30 AM on WFMU.


I had the pleasure of knowing Mary. As a young Catholic girl she was welcomed into our social life because I was friends with her sister Helen, who is 6 years younger than Mary. She was so smart, even then, I don’t think I realized her brilliance. Of course when I found out she was a writer I was astounded. She was a dynamo and we were lucky to know her.

I first read Mary McCarthy when my dad took me to St. Louis Union Station to see

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