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Name Tile Battle
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Go into battle with the highest performance in Battlefield 4. The Vehicle Shortcut Bundle gives you instant access to all base-game upgrades for land, sea and air vehicles.
Key Features:
– Unlock instant access to all base-game upgrades for land, sea and air vehicles with this Shortcut Bundle
– Choose the way you play – The Ground and Sea Vehicle Shortcut Kit unlocks all main battle tank and infantry fighting vehicle equipment options instantly, while the Air Vehicle Shortcut Kit unlocks all jet and helicopter options instantly
– Use your Premium Time to increase your earning potential
– Save time by getting out there faster; experience doesn’t stop just because you’ve unlocked more powerful gear.
– Take on the opposition with more offensive and defensive capabilities
Ground and Sea Vehicle Shortcut Kit – Unlock Instant Access to All Base Game Upgrades for Land, Sea and Air Vehicles
Unlock Instant Access to All Base Game Upgrades for Land, Sea and Air Vehicles instantly with this vehicle Shortcut Kit. Whether you prefer to punch holes in the enemy’s defenses with an armored tank or rip through the seas on an agile boat, you’ll benefit from an increase to the offensive and defensive capabilities of your vehicle of choice.
Land, Sea and Air VehiclesAll Ground and Sea Vehicles supported by the Base Game, at the time of purchase:
– 1x Bushmaster
– 1x Rhino
– 1x Caiman
– 1x Tigrex
– 1x Stryker
– 1x Raven
– 1x Man O War
– 1x M-230
– 1x Ferret
– 1x Humvee
– 1x Panthera
– 1x Panthera D9
– 1x M-31
– 1x Tigercat
– 1x Ikanos
– 1x Fastrouter
– 1x Jumbo
– 1x Monsoon
– 1x Larus
– 1x M1 Abrams
– 1x Valmet RKV-7-1
– 1x Caiman D-1
– 1x Caiman FV-200/90
– 1x Bayat K-10
– 1x Dnepr 90
– 1x Antung K-10
– 1x DShK-12
– 1x M28 infantry fighting vehicle
– 1x BTR-60 AMP
– 1x Stryker UAV
– 1x Attack Boat
– 1x Rhino X


Tile Battle Features Key:

  • 16 colours
  • 45 active targets
  • 12 backlit
  • 24×24 LCD resolution
  • Smart sensor
  • Free range
  • Leak proof
  • High battery life
  • Built-in recharge
  • Two-dimensional tracking
  • Unimodal
  • Group
  • Leap
  • Celebrate
  • Just In Time
  • Context switch
  • Free up
  • Smart
  • Key Features of Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica

    Free up

    • Timer – Configure how long after acceleration is detected to timeout a direction.
    • Target – Free up. When a target is in use it can only be saved by not being at an area that is used.
    • Lock – Dials are locked and lost when not being held down.
    • Clear – Used to clear out all locked dials, and target locks.
    • Icon – Allows you to disable dials or targets completely.

    Key Features of Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica

    Context switch

    • Timer – 5 second timer. Set to 0.5 for longer times.
    • Target – If held, this is the numbers the dial is looking for.
    • Lock – Holds until a set time or it is pressed.
    • Clear – Clears the dials and locks, clears the target (last number)

    Key Features of Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica


    • Display – A liquid-crystal display (LCD).
    • Sensor – Built into the controller.
    • Infrared – The infrared port.

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      Game Introduction
      The game includes dozens of songs and the “normal” playing mode is “auto” set.
      * Game select screen
      o “Normal” mode: “auto”
      o “Mixed” mode: “auto + manual”
      o “Single” mode: “auto + manual + Bonus”
      o “Quick” mode: “auto + 4 Bonus songs”
      This mode will be played automatically, but when there is not enough songs, “Auto” mode will advance the song to the next track.
      * Switch to “Normal” mode
      o “Auto + Manual” mode: “manual only”
      o “Auto + Manual + Bonus” mode: “manual + Bonus only”
      o “Manual + Bonus” mode: “manual + Bonus + Bonus”
      o “Manual + Bonus + Bonus + Bonus” mode: “manual + Bonus + Bonus + Bonus”
      There is no difference between the “Auto + Manual + Bonus” and “Manual + Bonus” mode, only the way to switch to another song.
      * MIDI interface
      o In auto mode, record the “MIDI” channel on the OSD.
      o In manual mode, connect a MIDI keyboard to the MIDI input.
      o It is possible to play sequencer modes without affecting the song being played.
      * “Quick” mode
      o This is a special “Auto + 4 Bonus” mode.
      o There are 4 songs in the “Bonus” section.
      It takes no time to play them, but when the song of the next track ends, the song from the “Bonus” section is automatically played.
      # The song list will be completely different from those in the other modes.
      * Bonus songs
      The bonus songs include 28 songs (A~J)
      o 1 sec. intro song: “Screen splash” (01:07)
      * English Language Support
      Game “Kero Rhythm” Playback
      * Song data:
      song title: “the song name”
      song description: “The song description.”
      Music: “Music file name”
      Video Clip: “Video clip”
      * “Music” and “Video Clip” are linked between song tracks, and it will automatically play when the song is played.
      About Automatic Song Advance:
      Auto songs are played in “Auto + Manual” mode.
      There is no difference between “Auto + Manual” and “Manual + Bonus” mode.


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