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components vs controls?

In Winforms, i have a control named “TextBox”, and a form named “Form1”. the control is placed on the form, and the form is ShowDialog()
now, if i run the app, the textbox is not on the form! it is outside the form. and controls’ default mode is “docked”
what should i do to make it exactly like a normal textbox on the form?
i tried that method
TextBox txt = new TextBox() {Text = “text”, Dock = DockStyle.Top};

but it didn’t work


If you have a form named Form1 and a control named TextBox, you probably already have a class named TextBox.
Try to remove the TextBox from Form1 and just add a TextBox to the Form1.ShowDialog() method.
You will probably have to move it slightly, to the top, where you will see it.

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FindInstance – Matching function arguments?

I have the following program:
expr = ToExpression[
“f[x, y, z] + g[x, y, z] + h[x, y, z] == j”;

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