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Webcams are widely used for video chat sessions, thanks to their small size and decent video quality. But, they can also be used for recordings and surveillance purposes, in which case you need specialized software to handle various camera controls and output formats.
Choose the preferred resolution and record audio input
Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free is a software utility that enables you to capture webcam video stream and save the recordings on your computer under a wide variety of formats. The quality of the video feed can be controlled and adjusted for optimal performance by choosing the desired resolution, color subtype and zoom level.
In addition, if you have a microphone device connected, you can capture and record the audio input as well. The application allows you to control the input volume level, as well as the balance between the left and right channels. Various video and audio compressors are also available for you to choose from, including MPEG-4 or MJPEG for video and PCM or MPEG-2 for audio.
Grab snapshots and apply video processing effects
Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free comes with a built-in frame grabber, which enables you to capture a single frame and save it on your drive as a BMP or JPEG image file. Furthermore, you can set up a prefix to be used for automatic filename generation and use the burst-mode in order to capture frames continuously.
In case your video feed needs enhancing, you can make use of the processing effects delivered with the application, such as rotation, various deinterlacing modes and the brightness, contrast or saturation sliders. You can also crop the image to the desired dimensions by manually entering the width and height parameters into the appropriate fields.
Closing arguments
If you are not happy with your current webcam video quality and you want to enhance its output, or you need an utility to record both the audio and video streams, you can safely put your trust into Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free to deliver a wide range of features and capabilities.







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What’s New in the Webcam Screen Video Capture Free?

System Requirements For Webcam Screen Video Capture Free:

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