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Changing the display mode

If you can create a special application for

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Although Photoshop Elements is not free, there are other paid versions of Photoshop that contain more features and powerful controls.

This article will take you through the Photoshop Elements user interface, as well as some of its more common editing functions.


Download Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 (Mac or Windows)

When you open Photoshop Elements and launch the program for the first time, you will be given the option of choosing which version of Photoshop you wish to use.

Existing users of Photoshop Elements 13 won’t be offered the chance to upgrade to the latest version (Photoshop Elements 15), but new users can change the option on the first run of the program.

The main window of Photoshop Elements has a navigation bar that is able to be customised to your liking by changing where it is located.

The file menu is slightly more complex than Photoshop’s, and the Effects tab is where all of the editing options of Photoshop Elements are contained.

Navigating the Photoshop Elements file menu

Hover your mouse cursor over a menu option and a menu will pop up.

You can make selections from the file menu or use the keyboard shortcuts.

Searching for photo frames on the Photos tab

Let’s take a look at the main Photoshop Elements Editing tab, the one that shows all of the editing features.

It contains most of the Photoshop features you will need to crop and retouch photos, but to make sure that there are no surprises on the first usage, let’s do a test on some images before you begin.

Open two images (mountain.jpg and boat.jpg from your PC or Mac).

Close the program and re-open it.

Make sure the Photo Library module is shown first in the main Photoshop Elements window.

Choose Edit > Edit With > Applying Image Effects and click OK.

Choose Edit > Edit With > Patchwork and click OK.

You will be prompted to choose a new file for the patchwork image.

Choose the mountain.jpg file and click OK.

You will see a small patchwork image on the top left-hand side of the photo.

You can now highlight the image where you wish to crop from.

Crop an image by selecting Crop and then clicking on the location where you want to crop.

You will be prompted to crop the edges of the image and to crop the image

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Google Docs Miro Feature Brings Easy Message Organization

Google has announced the availability of a new feature for its Google Docs email and document collaboration tool. Miro is aimed at simplifying the organization of messages by categorizing them, as well as providing a home page for the messages in each category.

To use the feature, users can click on the Miro icon in the upper right corner of Gmail. In the Miro tab, they can click on each category, browse messages, or create new one, edit or delete messages, or change the category of an existing message.

Miro will operate with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, or Google Talk for the Mac. Miro will be available for free download in the Android Market, for those who use their Android phones, and Gmail for desktop users.1. Field of the Invention
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2. Description of the Prior Art
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As is generally known, the formation of concrete aggregate in the weight range of from 15,000 to 16,000 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) is widely used throughout the concrete construction industry and such concrete aggregate is formed, for example, in the production of roadway surfaces and the fabrication of mass transit facilities. A further example of such concrete aggregate is the production of chipboard used in various types of building materials and pallets used for the handling of goods in stores and warehouses. Such rock and aggregate materials, for example, are carried by conveyor or other type of mobile handling equipment to a crusher where the rock or aggregate are broken into the size desired for the product desired. Such machines typically have

What’s New in the?


What’s a word for mental exhaustion where you have “nothing left to give”?

I’m looking for a word that refers to mental exhaustion where you feel tired of dealing with things. Example:

He’s mentally exhausted. There’s nothing he can do to stop the situation from getting worse.

Is there a verb that means this? I thought of “cash out”.


After going through a period of stress or trauma, a sufferer may become mentally exhausted, requiring rest.
There’s also the concept of burnout, which is what happens when too much is exerted on one’s body or mind.


There is the word “stressed” to cover this.


There is the term burnout:

When employees are overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted by the demands of their work and suffer severe emotional or behavioral changes that can impair their effectiveness, they may suffer from burnout.

You can then say

“He is burnt out”

A three-member team in a remote Malaysian village accidentally discovered what has been described as a “super-advanced” modern weapons system mounted on the back of a Malaysian soldier — and immediately returned it back to Malaysian authorities.

The devices were installed as part of the Chuchuk high-tech warfare project, which was first proposed by former defense minister Hishammuddin Hussein in 2013, a statement from the Malaysian defense ministry said.

The project involves the development of weapons and electronic warfare systems, as well as reconnaissance and early warning systems.

It is expected to cost tens of millions of dollars, with 75 percent of the cost covered by funding from a consortium of defense companies led by Aerospatiale SA’s Rafale subsidiary.

The ministry said in a statement that the Chuchuk project team was on a reconnaissance mission in some jungles near Perak, in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, on Aug. 13 when they inadvertently stumbled upon the hidden weapons system.

Malaysian defense minister Hishammuddin Hussein was shocked by the discovery.

The commission, which included a Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) commander, was tasked with leading the investigation, which was carried out by Malaysian army brigadier-general Zaidi Abdul Ghani Abdul Muthazam, who is the director of RMAF’s Integrated Logistics Services

System Requirements:

Sierra’s HTML5-based media streaming app boasts compatibility with all HTML5-enabled devices, including smart phones and tablets. The primary requirement for the web player is an HTML5-compatible browser.
to all HTML5-enabled devices, including smart phones and tablets. The primary requirement for the web player is an HTML5-compatible browser. Memory Requirements:
Sierra’s web player requires at least 768MB RAM, and should support at least 1GB of RAM.
in Sierra’s web player requires at least 768MB


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